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Electromagnetic and Potential Field Measurements
RoomStudents - Screen 1
TypePoster session
ChairmanX. Garcia - CSIC - Institute of Marine Sciences

08:30We SP1 01 Tectonic Subsidence, Crustal Structure and Flexure of the Rifted Continental Margin of North West Australia
S.L. Evans* (Imperial College London)
08:55We SP1 02 Characterizing Geothermal Systems in Iceland with Magnetotellurics
N.V. Vinard* (ETH Zurich)
09:20We SP1 03 Magnetotelluric Ore Exploration near Irota, NE Hungary
E. Nadasi* (University of Miskolc), A. Madarasi (Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary), E. Turai (University of Miskolc) & M. Szilvási (University of Miskolc)
09:45We SP1 04 Depth Estimation Using Normalized Downward Continuation of Magnetic Field Data
S. Zhou (Jilin University), X.H. Gao (Jilin unviersity), T.H. Wang (Jilin unviersity) & Y.F. Qi* (Jilin unviersity)
10:10 Break
10:30We SP1 05 Non-smooth Inversion of Non-linear Gravity Problem by Means of Particle Swarm Optimization
A. Jamasb (University of Tehran) & S.H. Motavalli-Anbaran* (University of Tehran)
10:55We SP1 06 Stable Computation of Potential Field Vertical Derivative - A Modification of Conventional FFT Algorithm
S. Nazeri (University of Tehran), M. Fedi (University of Naples Federico II), J. Baniamerian* (University of Tehran) & Z.H. Shomali (University of Tehran)
11:20We SP1 07 3D Full-wave Forward Modelling for Ground Transient EM Methods
Y. Qi* (Jilin University), C. Yin (Jilin University), Y. Liu (Jilin University), J. Cai (Jilin University) & C. Wang (Jilin University)