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Seismic Processing, Imaging and Modelling
RoomStudents - Screen 1
TypePoster session
ChairmanT. Bredbeck - Wintershall Noordzee BV
I.F. Jones - ION

08:30Th SP1 01 Anisotropic Source Mechanism Construction and Waveform Modelling
N. Boitz* (Freie Universitaet Berlin), A. Reshetnikov (Freie Universitaet Berlin) & S.A. Shapiro (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
08:55Th SP1 02 Seismic Imaging of Salt-influenced Compressional Folds
D.C. Castillo Valencia* (University of Stavanger), C. Botter (University of Stavanger), S. Hardy (University of Barcelona) & N. Cardozo (University of Stavanger)
09:20Th SP1 03 Using Effective Medium Theory to Better Constrain Full Waveform Inversion
M. Afanasiev* (ETH Zurich), C. Boehm (ETH Zurich), D. May (ETH Zurich) & A. Fichtner (ETH Zurich)
09:45Th SP1 04 Testing and Comparing Stacks of Different Seismic Attributes for Micro-Seismic Event Detection
F. Motz* (Freie Universitaet Berlin), J. Kummerow (Freie Universitaet Berlin) & S.A. Shapiro (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
10:10 Break
10:30Th SP1 05 Passive Source Illumination Compensation Based Full Waveform Inversion
P. Zhang* (Jilin University), L.G. Han (Jilin University), Z.Y. Jin (Jilin University) & F.J. Zhang (Jilin University)
10:55Th SP1 06 Seismic Wavelet Estimation through Phase Retrieval
S. Vafaei Shoushtari* (University of Tehran) & A. Gholami (University of Tehran)
11:20Th SP1 07 The Frequency-dividing Multiple Matching and Subtraction Technology Based on Shearlet Transform
J. Sun (Jilin University), D.L. Wang (Jilin University), T.X. Wang (Jilin University), Y.Z. Su (Jilin University) & Y.F. Qi* (Jilin University)
11:55Th SP1 08 Implementation of Improved Reverse-time Migration via Acoustic Impedance Equalization
G.H. Lee* (Inha University), Y. Park (Inha University), S. Cheong (KIGAM) & S. Pyun (Inha University)