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Well Performance and Well Tests
RoomStudents - Screen 1
TypePoster session
ChairmanT. Brice - WesternGeco
M. Kotenev - Sasol Petroleum International

13:30Th SP1 09 Annular Flow Modelling in Advanced Well Completion
M. Moradidowlatabad (Heriot-Watt University), M. Abdollahi (Islamic Azad University), H. Vafaei (Islamic Azad University), F. Rashidi (AmirKabir University of Technology) & H.R. Nasriani* (University of Central Lancashire)
13:55Th SP1 10 The Influence of Discontinuities in the Reservoir on Well Productivity
E.V. Andriyanova* (Samara State Technical University)
14:20Th SP1 11 Optimization of Multilateral Well Productivity in Carbonate Reservoirs
T. Ajayi (The Petroleum Institute) & M. Hossni* (The Petroleum Institute)
14:45Th SP1 12 Carbonate Acidizing Optimazation in Iranian Oil Field
H. Asaadian* (Petroleum University of Technology) & B.S. Soulgani (Petroleum University of Technology)