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Join the EAGE Education Tour (EET) 11 in Denver

Register now for the EET 11 by Dr Yaoguo Li which will be organized back to back after SAGEEP 2017 at Friday 24 March 2017.

If you're a full delegate registered for SAGEEP and an EAGE member, attending the EET 11 is complementary by showing your SAGEEP name badge.

Become an EAGE member now for only $60/€50 per year to participate in this course for free. If you're not participating in SAGEEP the regular EET fees are applicable. Registration is ONLY available via PDF form or onsite 


Important Dates

SAGEEP start19 March 2017
SAGEEP end 23 March 2017
EAGE Education Tour (EET) 1124 March 2017

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The Course

This course presents the state of art and practice of 3D inversion-based quantitative interpretation by focusing on the methodology, numerical computation, solution strategies, and applications of 3D physical property inversions of gravity and magnetic data sets. The emphases are on the recovery of density contrast, magnetic susceptibility, or magnetization distribution in 3D and their applications in the multiphysics interpretation to imaging geology.