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Sustainable Earth Sciences 2013
30 September - 4 October 2013
Technologies for Sustainable Use of the Deep Sub-surface
Pau, France
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Poster Session
RoomE. Gabard
TypePoster session
ChairmanI. Stober - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
P.S. Ringrose - Statoil ASA

15:40P002 The Injection of Liquid Cool CO2 in a Warm Depleted Gas Reservoir
C. Hofstee* (TNO), J.H. Maas (TNO) & D. Loeve (TNO)
15:40P003 Could this be the Future of Secure CO2 Storage?
S.M. Shariatipour* (Heriot-Watt University), E.J. Mackay (Heriot-Watt University) & G.E. Pickup (Heriot-Watt University)
15:40P004 CO2-induced Rock Alteration in Armenia and Georgia - First Results of BS-ERA.NET Project CauCasCCS
O. Körting (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), H. Babayan (Institute of Geological Sciences, Yerevan, Armenia), G. Melikadze (Inst. of Geophysics of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi), B. Müller (Landesforschungszentrum Geothermie, Karlsruhe), T. Neumann (IMG, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), H. Stosch (AGW, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), P. Tozalakyan (Institute of Geological Sciences, Yerevan, Armenia) & S. Klumbach* (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
15:40P005 Sustainable Geothermal Energy Roadmap for Future in New EU Member Countries - The Status in Latvia
J. Burlakovs* (Geo IT Ltd./ University of Latvia), A. Miemis (Environmental Consultancy Bureau Ltd.) & O. Stiebrins (Environmental Consultancy Bureau Ltd.)
15:40P006 High-resolution Fracture Characterization of a Siliciclastic Aquifer Targeted for CO2 Sequestration, Svalbard, Norway
K. Ogata* (University Centre in Svalbard), K. Senger (Uni CIPR), A. Braathen (University Centre in Svalbard), S. Olaussen (University Centre in Svalbard) & J. Tveranger (Uni CIPR)
15:40P007 Mapping of CO2 Storage Achievements Across Europe
H. Rütters (BGR), V. Hladik* (Czech Geological Survey), F. May (BGR), A. Shogenova (IG TUT), R. Martinez (IGME), I. Czernichowski (BRGM) & B. Saftic (University of Zagreb - RGNF)
15:40P008 Geochemical Monitoring of Dissolved CO2 in Shallow Aquifer at the Rousse Test Site for CO2 Geological Storage
Y.S. Staniszewski* (Earth Institute of Geophysics of Paris), A.G. Groleau (Earth Institute of Geophysics of Paris), D.J. Jezequel (Earth Institute of Geophysics of Paris) & P.A. Agrinier (Earth Institute of Geophysics of Paris)
15:40P009 Physical & Chemical Properties of Rocks and Well Cement for CO2 Storage Applications in a Full Scale Borehole Simulator
J. Mühlbach* (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), S. Klumbach (AGW, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), A. Hirsch (IMB, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) & M. Kromer (IMB, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
15:40P010 3D Static Models as a Tool to Indicate Prospective Geological Structures for EGS in Sedimentary Rocks of Central Poland
A. Sowiżdżał (AGH University of Science and Technology), B. Papiernik* (AGH University of Science and Technology) & G. Machowski (AGH University of Science and Technology)
15:40P012 Past, Present and Future Passive Seismic Tasks for Sustainable Development
K.S. Tkhak* (Institute of Geosphere Dynamics)
15:40P013 The CO2 Storage Atlas, Norwegian Sea, with Simulation Case Study Nordland Ridge
J. Mujezinovic* (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate)
15:40P014 Advances in the Assessment of the Deep Geothermal Reservoirs of Hainaut, Belgium
N. Dupont* (University of Mons), O. Kaufmann (University of Mons), L. Licour (University of Mons), A. Rorive (University of Mons) & J.M. Baele (University of Mons)
15:40P015 An Interdisciplinary Approach for Medium-small Size Geothermal Plants Design - A Thermoeconomic Assessment
M. Vaccaro* (University of Pisa)
15:40P016 Geothermal Exploration in the Palana Area, Kamchatka Peninsula, Using MT-AMT Soundings
K.M. Antashchuk* (Saint Petersburg State University), A.K. Saraev (Saint Petersburg State University) & S.V. Kandinskaya (Aqua Ltd.)
15:40P017 The Use of Artificial Heat Fields Diagnostic Wells Underground Gas Storages
R.F. Sharafutdinov* (Bashkir State University), R.A. Valiullin (Bashkir State University) & A. Ramazanov (Bashkir State University)
15:40P020 Experimental Study of CO2 Injection with SO2 Impurities in Depleted Gas Fields in Northeast Netherlands
P. Bolourinejad* (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) & R. Herber (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
15:40P021 A Methodology for Geological Hazard Assessment in Temporary Storage Facilities
F.L. Guido* (University of Bologna, Italy), V. Picotti (University of Bologna) & M. Antonellini (University of Bologna)
15:40P022 Geothermal Potential of the Eastern Part of the Polish Carpathians in the Light of Computer Modelling
B. Papiernik (AGH University of Science and Technology), G. Machowski* (AGH University of Science and Technology), M. Hajto (AGH University of Science and Technology) & W. Gorecki (AGH University of Science and Technology)
15:40P023 Numerical Model of a Geothermal Project in the Northern Upper Rhine Valley
L. Rohrer* (University of Heidelberg) & F. Spath (UEWG Gross Gerau)
15:40P026 Outcrop-based Reservoir Modeling of a Naturally Fractured Siliciclastic CO2 Sequestration Site, Svalbard, Arctic Norway
K. Senger (Uni CIPR), K. Ogata* (University Centre in Svalbard), J. Tveranger (Uni CIPR), A. Braathen (University Centre in Svalbard) & S. Olaussen (University Centre in Svalbard)
15:40P027 Influence of Chemical Degradation on Shear Behaviour of a Rock Joint - Application to CO2 Geological Storage
O. Nouailletas* (SIAME), C. Perlot (SIAME), C. La Borderie (SIAME) & G. Ballivy (LMRGA)
15:40P029 Exergy Analysis of Coupled CO2 Sequestration with Geothermal Energy Production
H. Woodrow* (University of Bath / Imperial College London)
15:40P030 Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Two-phase Multi-components Flow with Reactive Transport in Porous Media - Application to Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide
E. Ahusborde* (University of Pau & CNRS), B. Amaziane (University of Pau & CNRS), M. Kern (INRA & Maison de la Simulation) & V. Vostrikov (University of Pau & Maison de la Simulation)
15:40P031 Surface and Near Surface Geochemical Surveying of a CO2 Injection Pilot: application study to the French Pyrenean Foreland (Rousse CCS Pilot)
F.G. Gal* (BRGM), Z. Pokryszka (INERIS), S. Lafortune (INERIS) & K. Michel (BRGM)

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