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EAGE/FESM Joint Regional Conference Petrophysics Meets Geoscience
17 - 18 February 2014
"From Nano Pores to Mega Structures"
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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EAGE/FESM Joint Regional Conference


About the Event

A joint conference where ‘Petrophysics Meets Geoscience’, is long overdue!

The Formation Evaluation Society of Malaysia (FESM) together with EAGE want to invite all subsurface disciplines to attend this regional Asia-Pacific Conference and to share and discuss the many subsurface issues that challenge us in our daily work. We will come together for two days of technical papers and discussions to further integrate the two disciplines, to share best practices of reservoir characterisation and our fascination of the subsurface. Different approaches have been applied in the past by the individual disciplines to evaluate reservoir rock properties at various scales by combining different physical measurements from cores, logs and seismic surveys to relate the physical processes at the nano-scale pore structures to the reservoir characterisation at seismic scale. The request to fully integrate all available subsurface data fostered the development of joint workflows to generate 3D reservoir models.

As the region is expanding into EOR, and there is a need to fully understand the subsurface before we attempt to extract the last remaining oil. We are also excited about some of the work coming out of research labs and institutes where we see the outcome of many studies very relevant for the understanding and characterisation of the physical behaviour of the reservoir rocks.


So join us in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for this EAGE/FESM Joint Regional conference and interact with professionals from the Asia-Pacific region and abroad for some interesting papers that truly span all scales “From Nano Pores to Mega Structures”.

Who Should Attend

Geoscientists, Petrophysicists, Subsurface Leads, Rock Physicists, Acquisition Professionals, Laboratory Staff, Academia.

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