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EAGE/SEG Research Workshop 2009
14 - 15 September 2009
Frequency Attenuation and Resolution of Seismic Data
Barcelona, Spain

The band-limited nature of seismic data restricts their information content about the subsurface. Even with the continuous refinement of acquisition techniques, recently culminating in new technologies for improved sources, towed streamers as well as laid cables and despite the massive improvements in processing techniques, near-surface and subsurface attenuation remain the major limiting factors to the ultimate resolution of seismic data.

High-frequency losses during seismic propagation arise as a result of a number of distinct causes, often superimposed.
Generally considered as a nuisance, these losses can sometimes be a guide as attenuation-related attributes can assist us in discriminating specific rock and fluid properties.

The objective of this workshop is to revisit this theme in the light of recent technical advances, focusing on the seismic scale and practical applications.

The workshop will be opened by a tribute to Eric de Bazelaire, died on 28 June 2007, whose double culture (optics and signal processing) fed original contributions to mechanisms of highfrequency attenuation, as well as a constant focus on the bandwidth limitations of seismics.


• General resolution aspects will be covered by a tutorial focused on practical criteria

• Seismic-scale attenuation mechanisms and modelling
   - Attenuation mechanisms
   - Thin layer effects
   - Seismic modelling

• Processing aspects – measurement and compensation
   - Data acquisition
   - Data processing
   - Amplitude tomography
   - Amplitude compensation
   - Resolution enhancement

• Attenuation attributes, calibration and interpretation
   - Parameter estimation
   - VSP/Well-log calibration
   - Attribute generation
   - Interpretation

Workshop format

The preferred format for the workshop will be a 20-min oral presentation followed by a 5-min discussion. The committee recommends not to submit posters in order to stimulate more oral presentations and runs a single continuous session in order to encourage a lively debate that is open to all participants.

The main objective is to share with the audience your knowledge and experience and questions that need to be raised. Some of the questions are: where is the weak link in the workflow, what is the accuracy of the method, and what should be done to improve our technologies. Presentations that could only be understood by a few specialists should be avoided.

A keynote speaker will initiate the workshop with a tutorial on seismic resolution.