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Libya 2011
28 - 30 March 2011
5th North African Mediterranean Petroleum and Geosciences Conference & Exhibition
Tripoli, Libya
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Postponement of EAGE Libya event

Due to the current uncertainty in Libya, EAGE has decided that it is in the best interest of all involved to postpone the 5th North African Mediterranean Petroleum and Geosciences Conference & Exhibition (28-30 March) in Libya 2011 until a later date.

Obviously this was a difficult decision which was only taken after careful consideration and discussion of all the options with both local and international parties concerned.

EAGE remains committed to the geoscience community in Libya and will do its utmost to reschedule the conference in its present format as soon as conditions allow. Meantime we extend our sympathy and support to all those affected by these difficult times in Libya.

Please review the EAGE news page regularly for further updates.

Conference Theme
Going Deep- New Technology Challenges in North Africa
Join us in Tripoli

Ali Elsogher M. Saleh Chairman International Advisory Committee

On behalf of NOC Libya and the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers it gives me great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 5th North African/Mediterranean Petroleum and Geosciences Conferences & Exhibition which will be held in the city of Tripoli from 28 till 30 March 2011.

During the conference the intensive exploration, Production and development efforts made during the last decade will reflect, in which the discovery of new world-class petroleum provinces has taken Libya into the top ten countries.

This conference and exhibition could not have been more perfectly timed and placed. Being held as the Oil & Gas Industry is being pressed to find solutions to the energy demand and the location of Libya provides the best possible central location were ideas and expectations of North Africa, Europe, Middle and Far East and America (North, South, East and West) can be freely and fruitfully brought to bear on the challenges ahead.

This is why Libya 2011 is an ideal meeting place for experts and senior executives from national and international companies, as well as research centers and universities, to exchange their ideas and experience.

I am very glad to welcome you to Libya 2011 with our best wishes for a pleasant stay in Tripoli and fruitful and active participation in the conference.

Ali Elsogher M. Saleh

Chairman International Advisory Committee

General Manager NOC LIBYA

NOC official invitation letter

Davide Calcagni EAGE President 2010 – 2011

On behalf of the International Advisory Committee, it is my very great pleasure to welcome you to the 5th North African/Mediterranean Petroleum and Geosciences Conference & Exhibition, to be held in Tripoli 28 – 30 March, 2011.

A fixed item in everybody’s agenda, this biennial event is at its 5th edition following the highly acclaimed 4th conference held in Tunis 2009 and represents an undisputed opportunity to appraise the status of the activity in the region either from the business point of view or the technical one in a truly international perspective.

In an international scenario dominated by economic uncertainties and oil and gas price volatility the technology innovation and professional update is a key element of success. North Africa has traditionally maintained a steady capability in exporting its oil and gas production to the Mediterranean area and Europe, such, by a never diminished capability in carrying out successful exploration and efficient extraction renewing reserves and optimizing the recovery factor.

In the future the ever growing demand in supplying Oil & Gas to the final markets will be increasingly supported by a multidisciplinary approach both in terms of technologies and accurate description and understanding of the subsurface. In such perspective the conference, dedicated specifically to the North African and Mediterranean aspects of the business, is an excellent opportunity for blending knowledge in the field of geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering and near surface bringing an international flavor to the local expertise.

Any professional will find in the Technical Sessions and in the Exhibition the right place where exchanging information, broaden his network and deepening his knowledge even outside of his/her specific background. Not to mention the welcome offered by the location, Tripoli, with his culture, museums, traditions, and why not? shopping opportunities. Add the location on the sea and the mild weather and I am confident that you will find this conference difficult to miss, an outstanding opportunity to focus directly on any aspect of the North African energy scene.

The IAC and I join together in wishing you a successful visit to Tripoli and we hope that you will find the 5th North African/Mediterranean Petroleum and Geosciences Conference & Exhibition an unforgettable experience on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Davide Calcagni

EAGE President 2010 – 2011

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