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Geoskill 2013
14 June 2013
London, United Kingdom
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GeoSkill 2013: 21st Century Training & Education

Building Local Capability in an International Playing Field

Following the success of GeoSkill 2010 which addressed the challenges of training and developing E&P professionals in the 21st Century, this second workshop will continue to build on this theme but specifically address the challenge of building local capability development in an international playing field.

With the continuing expansion of upstream activity in the developing world, the need for building local capability is becoming increasingly urgent. This challenge must be added to the continued worldwide shortage of skilled workforce that was addressed by GeoSkill 2010.

The need for effective training and development of technical staff is as strong as ever, but the industry must now solve the issue of accelerating the development of graduates and young professionals in all regional areas where there is new or sustained upstream activity. Recent/new graduate hires must build on their academic education and become independent contributors in the workplace as quickly as possible, while experienced professionals must continue to learn and adapt as new technologies such as unconventional gas and new plays emerge.

GeoSkill 2013 will provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience concerning the local capability challenge as well as general skills development.  Topics will include academic training, recruiting, professional development, and retention of a global workforce. Key representatives from  NOCs, IOCs, academia and industry training providers will discuss the regional challenges of developing local talent.

The format of the workshop, to be held on the Friday 14 June, after EAGE's annual conference in London, will combine lectures, plenary discussions, round table discussions, poster presentations , exhibition booths and demonstrations, appealing to a wide range of students, academics and industry professionals, seniors and juniors, who play or will play a role in developing the industry’s technical competency for the future.

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