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Amsterdam 2009
8 - 11 June 2009
71 EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands
EAGE President's Welcome

On behalf of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, I extend to you a heartfelt invitation to come to the Amsterdam 2009 Conference and Exhibition. In the preview of our event, I used the word “interesting” to characterize the uncertain economic outlook, joining British understatement with the Chinese adage of “living in interesting times”. Subsequent events have validated the Chinese epithet as the financial maelstrom has spilled over into the global economy.

Against this backdrop, the conference theme of “Balancing global resources” is a highly topical choice. The theme captures the challenges of balancing energy supply and demand, production and exploration, fossils and renewables, consumption and climate change; balances which will impact us well after the present economic retrenchment has moved into the history books. Some might argue that today’s slackening in hydrocarbon demand is an opportunity to plan for long-term energy balance and to implement geological sequestration. It is a compelling debate in which you can participate by coming to our annual meeting in Amsterdam from 8–11 June 2009.

For the fifth year running, we join with SPE EUROPEC in offering an unrivalled opportunity to you, the practising geoscientist, to meet in a setting where you can obtain cutting-edge information in your own field, while finding out what is making your colleagues excited as well. To date, more booth space has been booked than ever before, which means that the exhibition will showcase the latest technology across the full range of industry products and services.

Fresh challenges bring new opportunities and I am confident that Amsterdam 2009 will provide an excellent setting in which to conduct business, network with technologists, influence policy-makers, develop careers or simply to soak up the ambience of this cosmopolitan Dutch capital. Mark the dates in your diary and join us in Amsterdam!

Phil Christie
EAGE President 2008–2009

SPE President's Welcome
I am delighted to invite you to attend SPE EUROPEC 2009 and the 71st EAGE Conference and Exhibition, which sees SPE and EAGE join forces for the fifth successive year. This year we will be at the RAI Congress Centre in Amsterdam from 8–11 June 2009.

This joint meeting is the largest cross-disciplinary earth sciences conference in Europe. This year’s event, themed ‘Balancing Global Resources’, comes at a time when worldwide energy demand is growing and it is essential to implement long-term strategies to assure a sufficient and sustainable energy supply in the coming years.

These assurances are increasingly difficult to make when we work in complex areas such as deep-water or harsh environments. This event offers a collaborative platform to share best practices, learn about new technologies and explore innovative solutions to ensure we achieve a balance between resource growth and energy diversification, while reducing our impact on climate change.

Amsterdam is the centre of International business and as such, is the perfect location for this year’s event whilst also providing a wonderful setting for social engagements.
Make sure you and your colleagues join us in Amsterdam in 2009 and be part of this unique industry event.

Leo Roodhart
2009 SPE President
Invitation to Amsterdam 2009

On behalf of the EAGE and the Local Advisory Committee I am very happy to invite you to the 71st EAGE Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam 8-11 June, 2009, held jointly with the SPE EUROPEC 2009.

The conference theme is “Balancing Global Resources”, the search for the right mix of traditional and new approaches to meet world demand for energy, in a sustainable and responsible way.

In todays world, demand for energy, raw material and other resources continues to rise, especially in the newly industrialized countries such as India and China, while our dependence on fossil fuels is certain to continue for the foreseeable future.

To meet this demand we will have to explore for and develop oil and gas in increasingly difficult and remote locations and to progress unconventional resources such as oil sands and oil shale.

Against this backdrop is an increased global expectation that the energy we supply must be sustainable, climate change must be addressed through mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and that we must continue to develop the technologies for renewable resources.

In order for us to succeed in this we will have to insure that we incorporate the best thinking and ideas from the gamut of cultural diversity and intelligence that is available to us, not just in Europe and North America, but across the globe.

Amsterdam is a world-class city, that like us, seeks to strike a proper balance. Since being given a city charter around 1300, the city has built itself into a hub of commerce, banking, manufacturing and shipping, while at the same time maintaining its historic charm. In the Golden Age of the 17th Century a global entrepreneurial approach enabled a flourishing of art and culture. Today Amsterdam combines extensive cultural diversity and a liberal society with its role as a major trading and transport hub. It’s the ideal place to consider our theme, “Balancing Global Resources”

We have a great collection of geology and geophysics workshops and field trips in store for you, including a two-day trip to look at fields and outcrops in NE Holland and Germany, that includes the 1 billion bbl Schoonebeek Field, and a visit to the storm surge barrier that protects Rotterdam.

This will be the first time that EAGE has held its annual conference in Amsterdam since 2001, and I look forward to meeting you there in 2009!

David Lawrence
Local Advisory Committee Chairman
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