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Vienna 2006
12 - 15 June 2006
68th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE Europec 2006
Vienna, Austria
Workshop 2

Open Source E&P Software – Putting the Pieces Together
Convenors: Tariq Alkhalifah (KACST), Joe Dellinger (BP), Michael E. Glinsky (BHP) & Randy Selzler (Data-Warp)

The goal of this workshop is to spur the emergence of an open source definition E&P software environment by providing a forum for those working on parts of the solution to become better known to each other and to a wider community.

The current state of open source exploration and production software is analogous to where "Linux" was in the early 1990’s, when it was still considered an academic exercise of little commercial significance. We have a variety of processing kernels, libraries of algorithms, graphical interfaces, and specialist mathematical programming environments available, but nobody is yet bundling these together into comprehensive packages, and some crucial components may still be lacking. The effort has not yet reached a critical mass.

Instead, we have committees working on shared technical programming standards, but these have not really caught on in the technical community at large. Writing an SEG or an EAGE abstract is still the most common way of sharing an algorithm. Different groups are expending enormous energies independently struggling with the same challenges: How to handle higher-dimensional datasets, extensible data formats, and multiple computing architectures? How to make parallel processing convenient and practical? How to create a system that is comprehensive enough to be useful, flexible enough for research, and robust enough for largescale industrial processing?

The economic benefits of a collaborative open source exploration and production processing and research software environment would be enormous. Skilled geophysicists could spend more of their time doing innovative geophysics instead of mediocre computer science. Technical advances could be quickly shared instead of laboriously re-invented and reverse-engineered. Oil companies, contractors, academics, and individuals would all benefit.

We are seeking presentations from those with a vision of where we need to go, from those who have useful pieces or techniques they would like to show off, and especially from those who believe they can already demonstrate a practical working success (or a glorious failure). Speakers should share experiences, hopes, strategies and ideas (both successful and unsuccessful ones). Most talks will be quite short (5-10 minutes). Key contributors will be invited to give longer talks and to participate in a panel discussion to wrap up the session, centered on the questions: What should our vision for the future be? What are the key pieces that already exist (especially those outside our field, that might not be as well known as they should be)? What do we need to be doing to realize our vision? And what are the cultural, organizational, legal and technical hurdles we will need to overcome on the way?


Workshop 2, Sunday 11 June 2006

Open Source E&P Software – Putting the Pieces Together
Tariq Alkhalifah (KACST), Joe Dellinger (BP), Michael E. Glinsky (BHP) & Randy Selzler (Data-Warp)
09.00 Introduction – Why This Workshop, and What Might It Accomplish?
Joe Dellinger (BP)
Open Source as a Business Model
09.05 The “Business” of Open Standards in the E&P Industry
Chris Haase (BHP Billiton Petroleum)* & Michael Glinsky (BHP Billiton Petroleum)
Poster Session 1; Introductions
09.30 qiWorkbench – An Extensible Open-Source Platform for Seismic Interpretation
Gil Hansen (BHP Billiton Petroleum (Americas) Inc.)* & Mike Glinsky (BHP Billiton Petroleum (Americas) Inc.)
09.35 OpenICarre, an Innovative Open-Source IT Solution for E&P Software
Daniel Rahon (IFP)*, Dominique Guerillot (IFP) & Stephane Bellin (IFP)
09.40 OpendTect, the Open Source Seismic Interpretation System
Nanne Hemstra (dGB Earth Sciences BV)*
09.45 Integrated Open-Source Geophysical Code Framework – I. Data Processing, Modeling and Visualization
Glenn Chubak (University of Saskatchewan)* & Igor Morozov (University of Saskatchewan)
09.50 Integrated Open-Source Geophysical Code Framework – II. Web Processing and Software Distribution
Igor Morozov (University of Saskatchewan) & Glenn Chubak (University of Saskatchewan)*
09.55 The "Delivery" Open-Source Seismic-Inversion Toolkit
James Gunning (CSIRO Petroleum)*
10.00 Poster Session 1
Processing Kernels
10.45 Seismic Un*x – Past, Present, and Future
John W. Stockwell, Jr (Colorado School of Mines)*
11.10 Introducing RSF, a Computational Platform for Geophysical Data Processing and Reproducible Numerical Experiments
Sergey Fomel (University of Texas at Austin)*, Paul Sava (Colorado School of Mines) & Felix Herrmann (University of British Columbia)
11.35 DDS, a Seismic Processing Architecture
Randall L. Selzler (Data-Warp Inc.), Jerry Ehlers (BP) & Joseph A. Dellinger (BP)*
12.00 Discussion
LUNCH (not included)
Future Speculations

PSEIS, a Processing Architecture Blueprint
Randall L. Selzler (Data-Warp Inc.)* & Joseph Dellinger (BP)

PSEIS, Blueprint for Parallel Processing (Poster)
Randall L. Selzler (Data-Warp Inc.)*

PSEIS, Meta-Data Dictionaries (Poster)
Randall L. Selzler (Data-Warp Inc.)*
Poster Session 2; Introductions
13.55 Proposed Open Source Data Processing System
Joe Higginbotham (Chevron Energy Technology Company)*
14.00 Divide Proprietary Dependencies and Perhaps Conquer – The Physical Acoustic Lab Integrated Distributed Lab System
Justin Hedley (Colorado School of Mines)*
14.05 Teaching Tools for Geophysics
R. Phillip Bording (Memorial University of Newfoundland)*, David Churchill (Memorial University of Newfoundland) & Sebastian Padina (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
14.10 Ray-Theory Based Modelling –Software Packages of the SW3D Consortium
Petr Bulant (Charles University), Vlastislav Červený (Charles University), Ludĕk Klimeš (Charles University) & Ivan Pšenčík (Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic)*
14.15 Converted Wave X-Window Tools (CXtools) – A Practical Working Example
Hengchang Dai (British Geological Survey)* & Xiang-Yang Li (British Geological Survey)
14.20 Poster Session 2
15.00 Platforms for Open-Source Scientific Software
Dave Hale (Colorado School of Mines)*
15.25 Interoperability between Open-Source Seismic Packages
Robert G. Clapp (Stanford University) & Biondo Biondi (Stanford University)*
15.50 Open Source E&P Software Licensing Strategies
Edward A. Cavazos (Andrew Kurth LLP)*
16.15 Panel Discussion
Biondo Biondi (Stanford University), Edward A. Cavazos (Andrew Kurth LLP), Joseph A. Dellinger (BP), Sergey Fomel (University of Texas at Austin), Michael E. Glinsky (BHP Billiton Petroleum), Dave Hale (Colorado School of Mines), Randall L. Selzler (Data-Warp Inc.) & John W. Stockwell, Jr (Colorado School of Mines)


The full programme (including the (extended) abstracts) is already available. 

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