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Vienna 2006
12 - 15 June 2006
68th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE Europec 2006
Vienna, Austria
Workshop 7
Geographic Information Systems in Exploration & Production
Convenors: Achim Kamelger (OMV Exploration & Production GmbH) & Georg Bresser (Wintershall AG)

Spatial information is the key to any petroleum venture form initial exploration through acquisition and production. Exploration requires the analysis of a lot of different types of data such as surface geology studies, subsurface and cross section interpretations, seismic surveys, well locations, satellite imagery, topography and infrastructure information. However, due to the global nature of petroleum industry, the increasingly large amount of data to handle and the complexity of processes involved in discovering new sources of petroleum it becomes more and more difficult to manage these data.

During the past years there have been major improvements to integrate spatial information inside a database management system. Furthermore, the capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in terms of connectivity and interoperability with common E&P specific applications have increased significantly. A GIS provides a spatial framework to the data and allows overlying, analyzing and visualizing the data in a fast and efficient way. It is the final mapping application for many sections of the petroleum business.

Multidisciplinary asset teams consisting of disciplines such as geophysics, geology, petroleum engineering or facilities engineering clearly benefit from shared databases, especially for map data showing locations of key features. GIS technology improves the E&P workflow and is ideal to be integrated with other business risk or economic business planning engines in order to support the right business decisions.

The workshop will include both presentations of GIS users from petroleum companies and some specific E&P related software vendors. The aim of our workshop will be knowledge sharing including talks and open discussions.

This workshop is sponsored by IHS


Workshop 7, Monday 12 June 2006

Geographic Information Systems in Exploration & Production
Achim Kamelger (OMV Exploration & Production GmbH) & Georg Bresser (Wintershall AG)
09.00 Welcome to the EAGE GIS Workshop
Achim Kamelger (OMV Exploration & Production GmbH) & Georg Bresser (Wintershall AG)
09.15 GIS as a Digital Light Table for Assessing Exploration Risk
Charles Fried (BP)*
09.45 Visualized Access to Exploration Data of an Oil Company
Olaf Kuchel (RWE Dea AG)*
10.30 Historical Concession Collaboration Project
H.-J. Brauner (Landesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie), N. Halsband (Gaz de France) & K. Schmidt (Wintershall)*
11.00 IHS Energy Comanche at Wintershall
Jim Blaha (IHS Energy) & Karina Schmidt (Wintershall)*
11.15 TBA
Brian Boulmay (ESRI Redlands)*
11.45 Benefits of an Enterprise GIS Architecture for Data-, Information-, and Knowledge-Management in OMV Exploration & Production
Achim Kamelger (OMV Exploration & Production)* & Gernot Tutsch (SynerGIS)
LUNCH (not included)
12.45 Sharing Geospatial Data and GIS Applications in Petroleum E&P
Andrew Zolnai (Consultant)*
13.15 Integrating GIS with G&G Applications and Data
Clay Harter (OpenSpirit)*
13.45 The Importance of Spatial Standards for Oil and Gas
Trudy Curtis (PPDM Association)*
14.30 GIS Solutions - Maintaining the Balance between Technological Advances and User Requirements
Lorien Kater (Fugro Data Solutions Ltd)* & Karen Blohm (Fugro Data Solutions Ltd)
15.00 The Importance of Integrated Data Analysis for Environmental Protection
Jevon Hilder (IHS Energy)*
15.30 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – From Emerging Technology to Mainstream Tool in the E&P Industry
Nicholas Blake (Lynx Information Systems)* & Peter Wigley (Lynx Information Systems)
16.00 Final Discussion and Closing
Achim Kamelger (OMV Exploration & Production GmbH) & Georg Bresser (Wintershall AG)

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