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First Sakhalin Workshop on Hydrocarbons 2011
3 - 6 October 2011
Far East Hydrocarbons — 2011: from oil and gas basin studies to field models
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

Technical program

2 October 2011, Sunday

09.00 Course: The Role of Geophysical Well Logging, 3D Seismic Exploration and Petrophysical Investigations of Core-Samples in Reservoir Modeling. Dr Sergey Ptetsov (PetroTrace Global)

3 October, Monday

09.00 Course: Uncertainty Analysis and Geological Risk Analysis Using Seismic Data. Dr Natalia Ivanova (Central Geophysical Expedition)

14.00 Opening

14.25 Plenary session. Chairman: A.Zharov

17.00 Ice breaker

4 October, Tuesday

09.00-16.50 Basin analysis and petroleum system modeling. Chairmen: E. Gretskaya, A.Bychkov

16.50-18.05 Posters. Chairmen: V. Kruglyak

5 October, Wednesday

09.00-13.05 Geophysical methods for hydrocarbon prospecting. Seismic survey planning, acquisition and processing.Chairmen: G.A. Melikov, A.V. Kharakhinov

14.00-17.40 Reservoir modelling, characterization and assessment. Chairmen: A.Sharapova, T.Azimov

6 October, Thursday

09.00-14.50 Reservoir modelling, characterization and assessment. Chairmen: A. Sharapova, T.Azimov

14.50 Closing

18.00 Banket

7 October, Friday

09.00 Excursion in museum

10.30 Field trip: Sakhalin mud volcano

14.30 Bus tour: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Korsakov-Prigorodnoe-LNG plant (no visits)

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