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Copenhagen 2012
4 - 7 June 2012
74th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark
Workshop 05

From Kinematic to Waveform Inversion - Where Are we and where Do we Want to Go? A Tribute to Patrick Lailly
Convenors: Florence Delprat-Jannaud (IFPEN), William Symes (Rice University), Irina Apostoiu-Marin (WesternGeco) & Bertrand Duquet (TOTAL)

Sunday 3 June, 09:00 - 17:00 hrs

Workshop description
After several decades of seismic inversion for velocity model determination and two decades after the “Practical Aspects of Seismic Inversion” workshop (the famous EAGE Marmousi workshop), we propose to review the main theoretical and practical problems arising in seismic inversion. This workshop will also be a tribute to Patrick Lailly who has been a pioneer in this domain.

Workshop objectives and deliverables
3D travel-time inversion has become the industry standard for velocity model determination and tremendous improvements have been achieved in this field over the past decades. Today, in the context of enhanced seismic data (broadband, large offsets, wide azimuths) along with the availability of “accurate” initial models (provided by travel-time inversion), waveform inversion seems to meet important success.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together key technical experts from oil companies, contractors and research institutions to review the main breakthroughs and the remaining difficulties for velocity model determination by means of seismic waveform inversion. Papers illustrating these points are most welcomed.

Questions to be discussed are the following:
• Do we still have to improve kinematic inversion techniques? What critical information
   is required to ensure a successful waveform inversion? Can we mitigate kinematic
   and waveform inversion?
• Can we trust a model constructed by waveform inversion? Can such a model be
   consistent with other data we have at hand (e.g. well data, geologic information)?
• Is integration of prior information into waveform inversion as straightforward as in 
   reflection travel-time inversion? Where are the difficulties? Any strategy or 
• Can a “smooth” model constructed by waveform inversion account for amplitude
   information? Can we avoid the determination of reflectivities?
• Is the inversion result stable? What can be envisaged to stabilize the procedure?

Workshop format
• Presentations by invited speakers and workshop participants to review the problems
   and achievements of seismic inversion in the context of seismic imaging
• Interactive group discussions to propose the way forward
• All participants are encouraged to share their experience to promote improved
   understanding of all aspects of seismic inversion.

Who should attend
This workshop is designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry and in the academia, who are interested in seismic inversion:
• Geophysicists
• Earth Science Researchers
• Applied Mathematicians

Contact and abstracts
For questions about the workshop please contact the convenors.


Time Title Speaker
09:00 Welcome  
09:15 Ray Based Approaches for Velocity Model Building: Past Present and Future G. Lambaré
10:00 Waveform Inversion Overview: Where Are We? And What Are the Challenges? R-E. Plessix
10:45 Objective Functions for Full Waveform Inversion W.Symes
11:30 Coffee Break  
  Case Studies  
11:45 Challenges and Value of Applying FWI to Depth Imaging Projects L. Sirgue
12:15 Full-waveform Inversion Aided Depth Imaging D. Vigh
12:45 Discussions  
13:00 Lunch and Poster Session  

A Priori Model Estimation for FWI from Constrained Kinematic Inverse Problem

C. Barnes
  Investigating the Differential Waveform Inversion H. Chauris
  Integration of Dispersion Curve and Full Waveform Inversion Techniques for Onshore Velocity Model Building – Inner Mongolia Study A. Droujinine
  Traveltime Inversion, an Integration Tool in Complex Structures: Lessons from Case Studies in Thrust Belt Setting A. Jardin
  Sensitivity Analysis of Joint Diving Wave+Reflection Tomography in Anisotropic Media J. Panizzardi
  Kinematics Versus Amplitude  
14:15 Wavelet Estimation and Multiple Modeling in Full-Waveform Inversion I. Chikichev
14:45 Resolution in Seismic Inversion- Spectral Gap or Spectral Overlap, Which is Harder to Handle? D. Nichols
15:15 Waveform Inversion Using Blocky Parameterization in the Laplace Domain C. Shin
15:45 Discussions  
16:00 Coffee Break  
  Well and Anisotropy  
16:15 Challenges in the Full Waveform Inversion Regarding Data, Model and Optimisation J. Virieux
16:45 Full Waveform Inversion by Iterative Depth Migration and Impedance Estimation Using Well Control G. F. Margrave
17:15 Discussions  
17:30 Wrap Up  


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