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Tyumen 2013
25 - 29 March 2013
New Geotechnology for the Old Oil Provinces
Tyumen, Russia
Template Instructions

Your extended abstract will be uploaded in 6 steps using the online submission module. The body of the extended abstract must be uploaded using the template.

A LaTeX template is available upon request at

In order to submit your extended abstract successfully, the following steps in the Call for Papers must be taken. Please use the information icon more information on these pages for further information. At each step you may go back to change entries in previous steps by navigating on the CONTINUE and PREVIOUS buttons. After submission, and up to closing of the Call for Papers (1 November 2012, 23:59 hrs GMT+4), you will be able to edit your submission. Revisions must be e-mailed to

  1. Login for EAGE members and non-members
  2. Corresponding author details
  3. Authors
  4. Extended abstract details
  5. Summary/Upload: upload the body of your extended abstract. (Upload here your extended abstract according the template and specifications below).
  6. Submission summary: by giving the submit command you upload all information from steps 1-5.

Revisions of abstracts may be submitted by e-mail:

Layout of the Extended Abstract
  • You do not need to make a cover page for your extended abstract as EAGE will make this for you with the title, authors and summary. Please do not include this information in the body text of your extended abstract. Please start the body text of your extended abstract directly under the Tyumen 2013 logo.

  • The body of the extended abstract needs to be four A4 pages in length. Longer or shorter sized abstracts will be rejected. The extended abstract should consist of text and appropriate figures supporting the key message. The text should contain about 1,000 words and at least one figure. Four pages of text alone are unacceptable.

  • Please do not use more than 1 column, do not frame the text, and please upload the body of your extended abstract as one document with embedded figures.

  • Please use the font Times New Roman 11 pts with single line spacing, set the alignment as justified and use the standard Word outline level (body text).

  • The margins which must be used are as follows:

    Top & bottom - 2.54 cm (1")
    Left & right - 2.54 cm (1")
  • The layout of the references should be consistent with the style guide for references in the First Break Guidance for Authors. Please ensure every citation has a reference and vice versa.

  • Number the figures sequentially, according to their appearance in the text, and check that each figure is cited in the text.

  • Supply a short caption for each figure; more detailed discussion of the figure can be reserved for the text. Further information about the use of figure captions and figure numbering can be found in the First Break Guidance for Authors.



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