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Women in Geoscience and Engineering

The Women in Geoscience and Engineering Special Interest Community (WGE SIC) has been established by EAGE to facilitate communication between women and to promote their active participation of this community in related activities.

The mission of this group is to enable  the exchange of knowledge and experience, and mutual support among members, related to:
- better understanding of WGE community expectations
- enabling advice between community members
- sharing career opportunities
- guidance on career development
- retention of women in the industry

We invite members of the WGE SIC to cooperate and to produce answers to questions or problems, to improve the understanding of particular topics and to help us communicate these items via social media channels, meetings or other type of events.

Six EAGE WGE members volunteer to take responsibility for main roles within the WGE SIC network for a period of 2 years.

Committee 2015 - 2017

Name Position WGE SIC Country Company Job title
Caroline le Turdu Chair France Schlumberger Principal Geoscientist
Graziella Kirtland Grech  Co-Chair Canada Arcis Seismic Solutions (A TGS Company) Director Processing and Reservoir Services
Amandine Caillot Discussion Moderator Chair Spain CEPSA Senior Geophysicist
Milena Marjanovic Discussion Moderator Co-Chair France Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris Post-doctorate
Mariella Amza-Prein Social Media Chair Germany Here Germany GmbH Customer Market Development Manager
Caroline White Social Media Co-Chair UK IHS Sr. Geoscience Technical Analyst

To participate in the Women in Geoscience and Engineering Membership Group, please refer to our LinkedIn group and join!


The Women in Geoscience and Engineering Session 2016

During the Annual Meeting in in Vienna, EAGE and the WGE SIC committee will organize a special session for Women in Geoscience and Engineering together. Two amazing speakers were invited to share their experiences and their advice for success in the energy industry. The speeches will be followed by interactive discussion in smaller groups on specific topics.

Want to get an impression of last years session? Watch it here on EAGE's YouTube channel.