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FIELD Challenge 2017: submission is open NEW: EAGE Student Newsletter November 2016

Gather a multi-disciplinary team of 3 to 5 students and enter the FIELD Challenge 2017!

Enter the Challenge
The EAGE FIELD Challenge promotes cross-disciplinary geoscience and engineering integration within universities. In teams, students will be required to analyze and propose a FIELD development plan for a dis¬covered hydrocarbon resource. To qualify for the FIELD Challenge, students are expected to unleash their creativity and technical excellence to 1) interpret an exploration dataset, 2) generate the most attractive prospect(s), and 3) win the licensing round. Deadline to submit and enter the competition is 8 January. 

The Trophy
The winning team of the FIELD Challenge will receive a trophy during the Paris 2017 Opening Ceremony in the presence of the top of our geoscience and engineering community. In addition, Total has a remarkable prize in store. The FIELD Challenge winners will receive a prize that will open doors in the students’ careers; a privileged visit to Total’s Scientific Headquarters in Pau, France. 

The latest EAGE Student Newsletter is out now! The new edition includes an interview with young professional Ivan Pires de Vasconcelos (Utrecht University) about his journey so far as a geophysicist. We are very excited about the FIELD Challenge 2017! In the newsletter you will read all about the upcoming dataset, how to enter the Challenge, and why Total is so eager to be involved in this prestigeous challenge. 



Submit your abstract for Paris 2017! Regional Geo-Quiz winners to Paris 2017 Student Lecture Tours for 2016-2017

Paint your Path

The theme 'Paint your Path' for the 2017 Student Programme during the 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition promises activities to help students in their future careers through offering knowledge, a global network, and creativity. The student programme will include short courses, workshops, a networking cafe, exhibition tours, the EAGE Geo-Quiz, the FIELD Challenge finals (on Sunday!), and a fabulous Student Evening with food, drinks, and music. Do you want to be part of this event? Make sure to submit your abstract for the student e-poster sessions!

Template instructions

Submit your abstract before 15 January 2017, 23:59 hrs (GMT +1) and apply for travel grants!


The regional EAGE Geo-Quiz competition for Paris 2017 are in full progress and the first winners are announced.
Congratulations to the below teams that have won tickets to Paris, France to participate in the global EAGE Geo-Quiz!

Nisar Ahmed (Punjab University, Pakistan)
Ria Mukjerjee (Wits University, South Africa)
Courtney Anders (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Asia Pacific
Victoria Seesaha (Curtin University, Australia)
Dennis Conway (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Latin America
Esteban Gómez Díaz (EAFIT University, Colombia)
Leslie Vianney Vargas Rodríguez (UNAM, Mexico)
Moira Itzel Torres Aguilar (UNAM, Mexico)


The current EAGE Student Lecture Tours 2016-2017 present the following topics:

  • Europe
    WEBINAR 'Integrated Geophysical Models - Theory, examples and implications on creativity' (by Eni)
    SLT 'Colour Perception and Cognition: How it affects Seismic Interpretation' (by GeoTeric) 
  • Asia Pacific
    ‘Colour Perception and its Role in Seismic Interpretation: a Geological Expression Story’ (by ffA Geoteric)
  • Russia/CIS 
    To be announced soon
  • North Africa'
    Digital Geology: Flight Simulator for Petroleum Engineers' (by Shell)
  • Latin America
    To be announced soon
  • Middle East
    ''Digital Geology: Flight Simulator for Petroleum Engineers' (by Shell)
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