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Student Lecture Tour Europe 2016-2017

This year we are proud to present our new EAGE Student Lecture Tour Europe being offered by GeoTeric. Dr Gaynor Paton has prepared half a day lecture to share her knowledge at universities throughout Europe ‘Colour Perception and Cognition: How it affects Seismic Interpretation’.

Seismic interpretation is a key part of the analysis involved in understanding a petroleum reservoir system.  Seismic data gives us information about the regional setting, the depositional system, the tectonic history, as well as detailed information about the reservoir itself, aiding understanding of volumetrics, compartmentalization and heterogeneity within reservoir units.  Being able to see this information easily, and extract it in a form that can be taken through the subsurface workflow is a fundamental part of seismic interpretation.

The ability to understand the information provided by seismic data is influenced by the way in which the data is presented, as well as by our own intrinsic ability to identify shapes, colours and features. This means that factors such as colour perception, object context and object association can have a significant impact on our ability to interpret the geological information that can be extracted from geophysical data. This presentation covers how we can use an understanding of visual cognition in seismic interpretation and looks at the importance of features such as colour bars and data comparison techniques on how we perceive information. For more information about the topic please read the full abstract.

UK locations are now online, check out the dates in the calendar of events.

If you wish to invite Dr Gaynor Paton to lecture at your university please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail!


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