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EAGE FIELD Challenge

It is no longer possible to enter the FIELD Challenge

Download the promo flyer here.

The EAGE FIELD Challenge (Fully Integrated EvaLuation and Development) promotes cross-disciplinary geoscience and engineering integration within universities.

Each participating university will have a multi-disciplinary team of full-time geoscience and petroleum engineering students, with a maximum of one PhD student per team. The students will be required to analyze and propose a FIELD development plan for a discovered hydrocarbon resource. Each university team will have the same sponsored dataset to work with.

Teams exists of multiple full-time students from the following disciplines:

• Geophysics
• Geology
• Petrophysics
• Reservoir engineering
• Production engineering

Please note: Each university team must include an academic mentor and teams may be formed representing more than one university.

The 2017 dataset (provided by TOTAL) is accessible to the ten best university teams and their academic mentors.



It is no longer possible to enter the FIELD Challenge 2017.

To qualify for the FIELD Challenge, students are expected to unleash their creativity and technical excellence to 1) interpret an exploration dataset, 2) generate the most attractive prospect(s), and 3) win the licensing round!

All candidate teams can download a set of 2D seismic lines, offset wells and regional geological description below, that should be thoroughly interpreted in order to evaluate prospectivity and to select the areas of higher interest. A short application should then be written, 2000-3000 words in length, describing the reason why a particular area was selected as more prospective, based on your interpretation of the dataset. Pictures should obviously accompany the text in order to illustrate the written statement.

To enter the FIELD Challenge, please submit before 8 January, 23:59 (GMT +1), to 

The submission should include the 2000 to 3000-word prospectivity evaluation, application form, and a signed copy of the Declaration of Integrity.

The ten best teams will be selected to analyze and propose a FIELD development plan to an expert jury, and only 8 teams will be invited - based on an interim review - to present their plans on Sunday 11 June 2017 in Paris, France. The 8 finalist teams will receive three travel grants per team and free tickets to the EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Paris. Time to get prepared! 

Download the entry (exploration) round assigment, rules and procedures, submission form, and Declaration of Integrity form here:

- Exploration round assignment

Datapackages are no longer distributed.  

- Submission form

- Rules and Procedures

Declaration of Integrity form

To enter the FIELD Challenge 2017, please make sure to submit the following documents to

- Your 2000-3000 word application
- The submission form
- A signed copy of the 'Declaration of Integrity'

Deadline for all submissions is 8 January 2017. 


The development plan should include:

• Well log analysis
• Structural model
• Identified flow units
• Static reservoir model property modelling
• Dynamic reservoir model
• Forward (appraisal and) development plan


Travel grants for finalists

Eight teams will be selected and invited to the FIELD Challenge finals. The finals will be held at the 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition (12 - 15 June 2017, Paris, France), where each team will present their FIELD development plan to an expert jury. EAGE will support all selected university teams with three travel grants per team to attend annual conference.

Please note: a university team may contain 3 to 5 students, but only three students per team will receive financial support towards their travel and attendance at the 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Paris, France. The funding for any additional team members come from the university, a member's own expense, or a local sponsor. 


FIELD Challenge 2017 trophee

Opening doors at Total for winning team

The winning team of the FIELD Challenge will receive a trophy during the Paris 2017 Opening Ceremony in the presence of the top of our geoscience and engineering community. In addition, Total has a remarkable prize in store.

The FIELD Challenge winners will receive a prize that will open doors in the students’ careers; a privileged visit to Total’s Scientific Headquarters in Pau, France.

Total will receive the trophy winners in our premises for 2-3 days as VIP guests, to have them discover our business, our high technology facilities, and especially to have them personally meet our global chief geophysicist and geologist. These high-level senior managers are respectively leading the geophysical and geological communities at Total.


Deadlines FIELD Challenge 2017

• Deadline for essay submissions: 8 January 2017
• Selected teams will be notified: POSTPONED DATE: 20 February 2017
• Data packages will be distributed: 20 February 2017
• Interim review: TBD
• Finalists to submit final presentations: 23 May 2017
• Finals: Sunday 11 June 2017


Past FIELD Challenge winners


University Team Winning year
IFP School, France Errazi Ben Ahmed, Mohd Rais Rasedy Bin Roslan & David Prigent  2016
Dalhousie University, Canada Charles Carlisle, Darragh O'Connor & Connor Wentzell 2015
IFP School, France Adedimeji Adeyemi, Maria Luz Molinari & Juan David Morales Gomez 2014
Heriot-Watt University, UAE Hiren Kasekar, Hemal Metha & Sadaf Chishti 2013
University of Calgary, Canada Bikky Kumar, Samuel Quiroga & Peter Sung     2012
IFP School, France   2011


The EAGE FIELD challenge is sponsored by the EAGE Student Fund. The 2017 dataset is provided by Total.


Student Fund Sponsor