Committee Members

 Divisional Committee June 2019-2020

Michael Peter Suess Caroline Lowrey   Lucy Slater Ann Muggeridge 
Tijmen-Jan Moser Aart-Jan van Wijngaarden  Xavier Garcia  Wiebke Athmer
Martin Widmaier Conor Ryan   Erica Angerer Juliane Heiland
Philip Ringrose Francesco Perrone Michael Zhdanov


Michael Peter Suess

Michael Peter Suess (Chair)
Wintershall DEA


Michael Peter Suess graduated in 1992 from the University of Bonn in Geology. Peter continued his studies to receive a PhD degree from the same university in 1996, working on quantitative stratigraphic modeling and geostatistic methods. In 1999 Peter joined Harvard University where he worked for 2 years on crustal seismic velocity modeling in Southern California. In 1999 he assumed a position as assistant at the department of geoscience in Tübingen, where he is now Adjunct Professor. In 2006 Peter joined Wintershall the largest Germany Oil and Gas Company as geomodeling specialist and research geologist. Peter is now the global review lead for exploration, being responsible for all exploration project reviews in Wintershall.


Caroline Lowrey (Immediate Past Chair)
Spirit Energy

Caroline Lowrey graduated in 1979 from the University of Manchester with a BSc degree in Geology and went on to complete a PhD in Geology from the University of Reading. She began her career in the oil industry in 1984 as a clastic sedimentologist, concentrating mainly on NW Europe, working for multidisciplinary consultancy Robertson Research in North Wales. At Robertsons, she worked in both technical and managerial roles before making a move to Norway in 1997. For the next few years, she focussed on industry funded projects modelling reservoir quality, working in both the University of Oslo and a small consultancy in Stavanger. In 2006, in order to broaden her geoscience horizons and skills, she joined Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) to manage the Reservoir Interpretation group in Oslo; and enjoyed helping put the geology into geophysics. In summer 2013 she decided to return to a technical role with a strong geological focus and joined Bayerngas Norge where she is now an Advisor (Sedimentology) in the Exploration department. Her main expertise is in clastic sedimentology and in particular the assessment and modelling of reservoir quality. She is an active member of EAGE, PESGB and SEPM.


Lucy Slater

Lucy Slater (Vice-Chair)
CNOOC International




Philip Ringrose

Philip Ringrose  (Chief Editor "Petroleum Geoscience")
Equinor - NTNU




Tijmen Jan Moser

Tijmen Jan Moser (Editor-in-Chief "Geophysical Prospecting")
Moser Geophysical Services

Tijmen-Jan Moser is author of several awarded papers, honorary member of EAGE (2011), Editor-in-Chief of Geophysical Prospecting (2008-present), member of SEG and independent geophysical consultant (2005-present). His main interests are seismic wave propagation and imaging and he is currently active in diffraction imaging.


Aart-Jan van Wijngaarden

Aart-Jan van Wijngaarden (Technical Programme Officer)




Conor Ryan

Dr Conor Ryan (Resource Evaluation Committee Liaison)
Tullow Oil Plc


Conor holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Trinity College Dublin (2002), a PhD in Geological Sciences from the University of Brighton and Natural History Museum of London (2007), and an MBA from University College Dublin (2015). He is also working towards a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University. Conor is the current Chair of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Ireland Section and SPE Engineering Professionalism Committee member. He is a Chartered Geologist with over 15 years’ experience in exploration and development geoscience. Currently working in field development geophysics for Tullow Oil Plc, he has previously held a variety of roles in Geophysical Operations, Geopressure Prediction, and Quantitative Interpretation.


Michael Zhdanov

Michael Zhdanov (Near-Surface Division Liaison)
University of Utah

Michael S. Zhdanov joined the University of Utah as a full professor in 1993 and has been director of the Consortium for Electromagnetic Modeling and inversion (CEMI) since 1995. He received a Ph.D. in 1970 from Moscow State University. Before moving to the University of Utah, he was a professor at the Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas, a head of the Department of Deep Electromagnetic Study and deputy director of IZMIRAN, and later a director of the Geoelectromagnetic Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. In 1990 he was awarded an Honorary Diploma of Gauss Professorship by the Gottingen Academy of Sciences, Germany, and in 1991 he was elected full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. He became Honorary Professor of the China National Center of Geological Exploration Technology in 1997 and a Fellow of the Electromagnetics Academy, USA, in 2002.
Dr. Zhdanov was awarded Honorary Membership of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists in 2013 in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of the profession through service to the Society, and for distinguished contributions to exploration geophysics.


Xavier Garcia

Xavier Garcia (Near-Surface Division Liaison)
The Institute of Marine Sciences

Dr. Xavier Garcia is a tenured senior scientist at the Institute of Marine Sciences. He received a PhD from the University of Barcelona in 1998, then he worked at the Geological Survey of Canada, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and as consultant to oil companies. He has been a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin. His scientific interests are the application of Electromagnetic Methods for the study of the ocean, crust and mantle; time series analysis; numerical modeling and inversion; and the development of marine instrumentation and permanent marine observatories. He has participated in 30 research projects (PI of 8). He is the author of 26 publications in SCI journals, 3 book chapters, several industry and engineering reports and over 160 presentations at international conferences and invited seminars.


Martin Widmaier

Martin Widmaier (Technical Programme Representative - Geophysics)
PGS MultiClient

Martin Widmaier received an MSc in Geophysics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology at the University of Karlsruhe/Germany in 1993 and a PhD in Geophysics from the same university in 1996. He joined PGS in 1996 where he has been working on numerous research and development topics related to marine seismic acquisition and processing. His research and development efforts include seismic forward modelling and survey planning, ocean bottom seismic, time lapse seismic, as well as towed dual sensor streamer seismic. During his career Martin has served several management roles in PGS including Geophysical Manager for Norway, Head of Research, Vice President of Research and Geophysical Support, Vice President of PGS Geoscience & Engineering, and department manager of Marine Geophysics. He is currently Chief Geophysicist for PGS MultiClient. Martin is an active member of EAGE, SEG, and OSEG.


Ann Muggeridge - EAGE Oil Gas Division

Ann Muggeridge (IOR Committee Liaison)
Imperial College

Ann is the Professor of Reservoir Physics and EOR, Dept. of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London. She leads a research group that focuses on methods for improving oil recovery, upscaling (particularly for IOR) and numerical methods for predicting fluid flows in the subsurface. Following her DPhil in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Oxford she worked at the then BP Research Centre, followed by a service company (SSI (UK) Ltd) before joining Imperial College in 1995. From 2006-08 she was a Technology Fellow at BP.  She is the chair of the organizing committee for the EAGE IOR Symposium and sits on the technical committee for the SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium. She is also on the Scientific Advisory Committee for the National IOR Centre of Norway. She is a member of the SPE and the EAGE and a council member for InterPore.


Rick Donselaar (Technical Programme Representative - Geology)
Delft University of Technology


Juliane Heiland

Juliane Heiland (Committee Member)

Juliane Heiland received a MSc in Engineering geology (Diplom-Geologin) from Technical University Germany in 1994 and a PhD in Applied Geology from Charles University Prague in 1998. Between 1997 and 2001 she worked as a post-doc in the rock mechanics laboratory at GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam and joined Schlumberger Cambridge Research in the UK in 2001. Her research in Schlumberger concentrated on geomechanical aspects of sand production prediction, carbonate rock properties and shaped-charge perforating. After 6 years in research she moved to a position providing technical consulting to clients first based in the US (Houston) and later in Luanda, Angola. Since 2011 she has held various technical management roles in the Schlumberger geomechanics organization, currently managing the NExT Geomechanics training content and training business. Between 2013 and 2014 she worked for Maersk Oil and Gas in Copenhagen as a drilling geomechanics expert and re-joined Schlumberger in 2015.


Francesco Perrone (YP Liaison)

Francesco graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a BSc and MSc in Telecommunication Engineering in 2004 and 2008, respectively; he holds a PhD in Geophysics from Colorado School of Mines. During his PhD studies he was a visiting scientist with Eni in Milano, and since 2014 he has been working as a Researcher in the R&D group in CGG. Francesco interests are seismic modelling, seismic imaging, and velocity model building, in both data and image domain. He is a member of the SEG and EAGE.

Wiebke Athmer (Committee Member)
Schlumberger Stavanger Research (SSR)


Erica Angerer (Committee Member)