EAGE provides various platforms to help advertise your brand and products / services. With our online and offline advertising options, you can be sure that you will be seen around the world by a professional network with an interest in what you have to offer.

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Offline Advertising:

With EAGE's leading monthly magazine, First Break, it is possible to reach a worldwide network of nearly 20,000 members. With a special topic each month and up to date industry news, you can be sure that there will be relevant issues for you to advertise in. If you are submitting an article to be featured in First Break, a great idea is to run an advert in the same issue to link and promote your latest discoveries.

If you are operating in the Near Surface industry, we recommend our Near Surface Geoscience magazine. With over 2,000 readers, it is an essential platform to be known in the Near Surface world.

Online Advertising:

EAGE also offers online options for more technically proactive companies:

  • – Contains information relating to what EAGE is and who we are, all our events, opportunities etc…
    • 35,000 unique monthly visitors
    • 350,000 unique monthly page views


  • EarthDoc – Technical staff, corporate subscribers from major NOC’s, IOC’s, and service companies
    • 40,000 unique monthly visitors
    • 110,000 unique monthly page views


  • First Break – Contains all articles and papers that have been featured in First Break magazine, as well as the online version of the magazine
    • 3,500 unique monthly visitors
    • 12,500 unique monthly page views


  • Near Surface Geophysics – For near surface professionals
    • 1,100 unique monthly visitors
    • 2,500 unique monthly page views

Miscellaneous Advertising:

EAGE also offers other options to be seen such as our Programme & Catalogues and Applications.

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