Reservoir Sedimentology of Carbonate Deposits: Sedimentology of Carbonate Complexes, Sequence Stratigraphy

Instructor  Prof. Valentina A. Zhemchugova (GDS - Geophysical Data Systems Ltd., Moscow, Russia)
Duration  1 day
Disciplines  Geology
Level  Foundation
Language  Russian
Book  Available in EAGE Bookshop (in Russian)
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Course description 

The course discusses in detail present-day understanding of carbonate sedimentation settings and mechanisms, as well as influence of these settings on formation of reservoir and impermeable rock porosity and permeability. The course analyses practical approaches applied to creation of sedimentational-storage models of carbonate reservoirs; the approaches realized within the framework of sequence stratigraphic methodology are given top priority.

The course presents numerous examples of sedimenthological studies use in geological model development for carbonate reservoirs and substantiation of their production characteristics.


Course objectives

Introduce theoretical background of prediction of natural carbonate reservoirs’ structure and properties.


Course outline

1. Major factors that control carbonate sedimentation.
2. Advanced models of carbonate sedimentation.
3. Ancient carbonate sequences and methods to study them.
4. Carbonate platforms and sequence stratigraphic models of various types of carbonate platforms.
5. Theoretical backgrounds of prediction of carbonate reservoir structure and properties.
6. Carbonate reservoirs Reservoir voids and factors that control their architecture. Theory of facies selectivity.
7. Examples of building carbonate reservoir models for different petroleum basins.



Professional qualification in general geology.


Participants' profile

The course is meant for geologists and geophysicists involved in studies of geological structure of oil and gas fields, reserves assessment, substantiation of E&P focus.


About the instructor

Valentina A ZhemchugovaValentina A. Zhemchugova is a Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, Professor of Fossil Fuel Geology and Geochemistry Department in M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University; Chief Geologist, Geophysical Data Systems Ltd. Valentina is author of three and co-author of two monographs, more than 80 papers on lithology, oil and gas fields E&P in Russian and foreign titles; she is a member of a number of international projects dealing with analysis of HC productivity of different petroleum basins all over the world. She is a leader and co-executor of numerous scientific and production projects completed for oil and gas companies.


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