Decarbonization & Energy Transition

The Community

The Decarbonization & Energy Transition Special Interest Community (DET) is a network of EAGE memebrs dedicated to promote knowledge and develop skills among geoscientists and engineers working with decarbonization and energy transition technologies, on both the geo-scientific and engineering aspects of surface and subsurface decarbonization including CO2 sequestration and the advancement of renewables such as geothermal energy production.

Join to be part of an environment to network, manage events, share technical information and otherwise reach out and communicate on a global basis. You can participate in discussions, circulate news and ideas, and discover all opportunities offered by EAGE, including the possibility of becoming a reviewer, co-chairing technical sessions, participating in the organization of future events on decarbonization and energy transition, and connecting with a worldwide network of members. The network is open to all EAGE members active in these fields or interested in learning more.


2019-2021 Committee 

The DET community is coordinated by a Committee that serves for a period of two years.

Name  Company/Institution Country
Karin de Borst (Chair) Shell Netherlands
Benjamin Bellwad  VBPR Norway
Carla Martin Clave  University of Nottingham UK
Giovanni Sosio  Schlumberger France
Andrew Riddick BGS UK
Paola Tello Guerrero  ASL UK
Philip Ringrose  Equinor and NTNU Norway
Sylvain Thibeau Total France



The community was first announced in January 2019. In the span of the past few months, this new group has come a long way! With over 400 members and a team of enthusiastic volunteers, they organised a launch session at the EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019 in London. 

Speakers included Philip Ringrose (Equinor - NTNU), Karin de Borst (Shell), Paola Tello Guerrero (ALS) and Iain Stewart (Plymouth University) covering policies and practices on the decarbonization trajectory. The talks were followed by a forum discussion that paved the way for new initiatives.

The DET Committee actively supports and contributes to GET2020, EAGE's 1st Geoscience & Engineering in Energy Transition Conference, scheduled to take place in Strasbourg from 16 to 18 November 2020.

You can join the conversation on Energy Transition and connect with the DET network by presenting your research at GET2020: abstracts can be submitted until 15 August 2020. Here you can find a list of the topics covered by the technical programme.

Later this year, save the date for another event organized by the DET community at the EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition 2020 in Amsterdam: "Energy Transitions Endeavor - Successful Projects, Plans, and Creative Ideas to Move Forward" is the title of the DET Dedicated Session scheduled on 9 December.

Next to this, the DET community is also involved in a number of initiatives, including technical lectures and webinars for EAGE members, some of which are available in the EAGE YouTube Channel.

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