EAGE/EFG Photo Contest 2018


The first round of voting for the EAGE/EFG Photo Contest 2018 is now closed. The 12 finalists will be announced shortly and will be showcased at the 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018 from 11 June – 14 June 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Afterwards the top 12 will be exhibited at further EAGE and EFG events and will be published in a calendar.

The second round of voting will open on April 30. From that date until August 31 you can cast your vote for the best photos of 2018!

Education & Training
1. Field Geologists
2. Fish Creek Wash
3. First Field Trip
4. Class in the Desert
5. Groundwater protection project
6. Cave exploring
7. Geology student on the field
8. Field trip to the sedimentary basins in Nigeria
Landscapes & Environment
9. Giant Mud Cracks
10. A Geologists' Paradise
11. The Rolling Stones
12. Grand Bassa County Border
13. Pools on sandstone beach
14. Approaching to the past by moving into the Cretaceous Arch
15. White cliff points to the blue sea
16. Seismic interpretation with a view!
17. The Quartzstone Field
18. Queen's Head
19. Summer mountains
20. Crack the boulder!
21. Not reefs, just a seepage from a fault
22. When the weathering crafts
23. Prayers flapping in the winds from the Annapurna Mountain Range
24. The Mighty Eagle - Observing My Land
25. Frozen moment
26. We will succumbe
27. "Cold-stacked" vessel
28. The abyss of time
29. Ancient witnesses of time
30. Sunrise with ocean waves
31. Jointed columns and kink banks in volcanic ash layer
32. Cajón de Maipo mountains
33. The red viper
34. Oxidation
35. Rock fracture
36. A charming Breton building emerges by the footpath, along the Pink Granite coast
37. The light-house pokes amid the surreal chaos of rocks, at the Pink Granite Coast
38. Praia da Amoreira
39. The landscape view from the "Magna Grecia"
40. Andes orogeny
41. Geologist surveying his territory
42. Outcrop of a fault
44. La vallée de la Bourne
45. Not exactly layercake
46. Faulted Triassic outcrop
47. Yarinacocha
48. Development of the future coralline biostrom
49. Development of the future coralline bioherm
50. Small ripple on the sand dune
51. Wonder of old man
52. Maintenance
53. Evaporites
54. Sky light
55. Ebonyi State
56. Strike a candid between outcrops
57. Just see the big picture!
58. The superb nature of mountain building belts of Zagros.
59. Rhône Glacier
60. Loch Leven Valley
61. Gathering GPS coordinates
62. The oldest ocean research vessel in Taiwan
63. Daredevil geologist
64. Installing seismometers
65. Daytime Multichannel Analysis of Surface Wave acquisition
66. Geophysical survey at damaged port of Kos
67. Geological mapping
68. The hunt
69. A Geologist know when to strike
70. Laying profile lines
71. In the darkness of a massive sulphide mine
72. Supervising drilling at the underground drill rig
73. Unity in diversity
74. Team spirit
75. Au-bearing quartz veins at the Daro greenfield exploration project.
76. Field camp.
77. secure movement in a very difficult environment.
78. Vibroseis survey in Doornkop Mine
79. Hands on Subcarpathians
80. Colorado Fossils
81. Making sense of unusual structures
82. Paita
83. Happy to have hit the bull's eye
84. Deployment of a seismic station of the AfricaArray seismic network
85. Could you please just help me answering a question?
86. A journey across the one page of earth book
87. Autumn Coal Harvest.
88. Drilling a new development well in Esfand field.
Women Geoscientists
89. Success
90. When you are feeling hungry in the field (of lava)
91. Gravity-driven fold and thrust belts
92. Geological mapping and sketching of the Aberdeen coastline
93. Plant & Wife, Good Couple
94. Brough Fault Zone
95. Metamorphism
96. Investigating the coal layer in Ny-Ålesund
97. Painting with Hormoz unique and colorful soil
98. Science of depth, depth of science
99. Venturing in polar bears' territory to investigate coal layers
100. Future-to-be women geoscientists


Photo Contest Deadlines

Submission deadline  10 March 2018 
Voting open 19 March 2018
Voting deadline 15 April 2018
Voting top 12 open 23 April 2018
Voting top 12 deadline 31 August 2018
Announcement winners  1 October 2018


The photo submission closed on 10 March 2018.
All entries have been reviewed and selected based on their relevance to the theme and photo quality.

From 19 March until 15 April 2018 all EAGE and EFG members expressed their preferences on the 100 selected photos. This first round of voting closed on 15 April. The 12 most popular photos will be printed and included in a travelling exhibition that will visit several EAGE and EFG events throughout Europe. During the travelling exhibition, from April 30 to August 21, it is possible to cast your a second vote for your favorite photos among the12 finalists.

Great prizes will be awarded to the top 3 photographers, to be announced in October 2018!

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