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Geophysical Prospecting is published by Wiley-Blackwell and EAGE.

Geophysical Prospecting publishes the best in primary research in geoscience with a particular focus in exploration geophysics. The scope of the journal covers the potential field, electromagnetic and seismic methods applied to exploration and monitoring. The journal welcomes theoretical and numerical studies as well as case studies and review papers. Contributors are from industry and academia. The goal of the journal is to provide a valuable forum for sharing experiences and new ideas among workers in exploration geophysics.

Impact Factor 2013: 1.506

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Geophysical Prospecting is published 6 times a year.

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Editorial information


Tijmen Jan Moser

Deputy Editors
Angus I. Best
Noalwenn Dubos-Sallée
Maurizio Fedi
Felix Herrmann
Mohamed Luheshi
Oliver Ritter
Giuliana Rossi

Associate Editors
Mohammed N. Alfaraj – Reservoir Geophysics
Tariq Alkhalifah – Ray methods and anisotropy
Doug Angus – Carbon Storage, Geomechanics and Seismic Modeling
Philip N. Armstrong – Borehole Geophysics
Anna Avdeeva – Electromagnetic inversion and forward modelling
Milana Ayzenberg – 4D seismics, reservoir monitoring and AVO
Ran Bachrach – Rock Physics, Anisotropy, Uncertainty and Reservoir Characterization
Claudio Bagaini – Seismic acquisition and multicomponent processing
Ahmet T. Basokur – Electrical and Electromagnetic Tomography and Optimization Methods
Gilles Bellefleur – Hard Rock Physics and Mining Seismology
Emanouil Blias – VSP, Seismic Anisotropy and Traveltime Inversion
Andrej Bona – Time Domain Imaging and Seismic Diffraction Methods
Stefan Buske – Seismic Imaging and Passive Seismic Methods
Xander Campman – Seismic acquisition, Interferometry and Signal Processing
Mark Chapman – Rock Physics, Anisotropy and Multicomponent Seismology
Hervé Chauris – Multi-scale seismic data and image processing
Gordon Cooper – Potential fields, image and signal processing
Anton Duchkov - Seismic Imaging and Velocity Analysis, Microseismic methods
Irina S. Elysseieva – Gravity Data Processing and Interpretation
Giovanni Florio – Potential Field Methods
Stig-Kyrre Foss – Seismic Imaging and Velocity Analysis, Converted Wave Imaging
Roberto de Franco – Seismic refraction, imaging, tomography and time lapse
Mark Goldman – Controlled Source Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods, Theory and Applications
Fuensanta González Montesinos – Geodesy, Gravity
Peter Hanssen – Instrumentation, Passive Exploration and Sub-basalt Imaging
Henning Hoeber – Signal Processing, 4D and AVO
Steve A. Horne – Borehole Seismics, Inversion
Einar Iversen – Anisotropy, Ray Methods, Seismic imaging and Velocity Estimation
Ian F. Jones – Pre-stack Depth Migration and Velocity Building
Damien Jougnot – Petrophysics, Self-potential and Electromagnetic Methods
Jerry Kapoor – Seismic Depth Imaging
Clement Kostov – Seismic multiples, data processing and imaging, survey design
Gilles Lambaré – Seismic Depth Imaging, Ray-based Approaches
Alireza Malehmir – Hardrock Seismic Methods and Multidisciplinary Geophysics
Tobias Müller – Rock Physics, Seismic Modelling
Roman Pasteka – Gravity Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation
Mark Pilkington – Potential Field Interpretation Methods
René-Edouard Plessix – Wave and Ray Theory, Optimisation
Raffaele Persico – Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar methods
Gordon Poole – Seismic processing and data regularisation
Jaume Pous – Electrical Methods
Patrick Rasolofosaon – Rock Physics, Seismic Anisotropy and Physical Modelling
Alan B. Reid – Gravity & Magnetic Fields and Radiometrics
Partha Routh – Near Surface, Geothermal
Mark S. Sams – Rock Physics and Reservoir Characterization
Joël Sarout – Rock physics, geomechanics and anisotropy
Denis Saussus – Geostatistical Methods and Reservoir Characterization
Juan Soldo – 4D Seismic and Reservoir Geophysics
Alexey Stovas – Anisotropy, Modelling and Seismic Time Imaging
Rita Streich – Electromagnetic Imaging, Processing and Acquisition
Vladimir Tcheverda – Seismic Modelling, Inversion and VSP
Colin J. Thomson – Ray methods and seismic wave propagation
Constantinos Tsingas – Wave-based Seismic Imaging and Velocity Analysis
Dimitrios Tsoulis – Potential Field Theory
Henri-Pierre Valero – Logging and Petrophysics
Aldo Vesnaver – Reservoir Monitoring
Hongbo Zhou - Wave-based Migration, Modeling and Inversion

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Latest Issue

Volume 64 Issue 3 May 2016

517 | Piecewise-continuous velocity inversion
Z. Koren and I. Ravve

543 | Theoretical analysis of non-geometric PS-waves recorded at the water bottom interface

N. Allouche and G. Drijkoningen

554 | Common-shot Fresnel beam migration based on wave-field approximation in effective vicinity under complex topographic conditions
J. Huang, J. Yang, W. Liao, X. Wang and Z. Li

571 | Seismic directional random noise suppression by radial-trace time–frequency peak filtering using the Hurst exponent statistic

C. Zhang, Y. Li, H. Lin and B. Yang

581 | Understanding the reverse time migration backscattering: noise or signal?
E. Díaz and P.Sava

595 | Optimal implicit staggered-grid finite-difference schemes based on the sampling approximation method for seismic modelling
L.Yang, H. Yan and H. Liu

611 | Least-squares reverse-time migration in a matrix-based formulation
G. Yao and H. Jakubowicz

622 | Extending illumination using all multiples: application to 3D acquisition geometry analysis
A. Kumar, G. Blacquière and E. Verschuur

642 | Smart averaging interpolation algorithm comparative test

D. Krilov, Y. Vaniarho and D. Basaev

657 | Implementation aspects of attenuation compensation in reverse-time migration
T. Zhu

671 | Interaction of helically wound fibre-optic cables with plane seismic waves
B.N. Kuvshinov

689 | Using wavelet-domain adaptive filtering to improve signal-to-noise ratio of nuclear magnetic resonance log data from tight gas sands

R. Xie, Y. Wu, K. Liu, Mi.Liu and X. Meng

700 | Seismoelectric measurements in a porous quartz-sand sample with anisotropic permeability
Z. Zhu, M.N. Toksӧz and X. Zhan

714 | Permeability dependence of streaming potential coefficient in porous media

L.D. Thanh and R. Sprik

726 | Mapping basement structures in the northwestern offshore of Abu Dhabi from high-resolution aeromagnetic data

A. Salem and M.Y. Ali

741 | Artificial neural networks for removal of couplings in airborne transient electromagnetic data
K.K. Andersen, C. Kirkegaard, N. Foged, A.V. Christiansen and E. Auken

753 | Three-dimensional modelling of magnetotelluric data to image Sehqanat hydrocarbon reservoir in southwestern Iran

I. Mansoori, B. Oskooi, L.B. Pedersen and R. Javaheri

767 | 2.5D direct-current resistivity forward modelling and inversion by finite-element–infinite-element coupled method
Y. Yuan, J. Qiang, J. Tang, Z. Ren and X. Xiao