EAGE Students

How EAGE supports students

A fundamental part of the EAGE’s mission is to support students from around the world who are considering or intending a career in the geosciences or related disciplines. The Association recognizes that in a competitive environment for recruiting the next generation of skilled professionals, students need to be encouraged to participate in programmes that will increase their scientific and technical knowledge but also introduce them to the many opportunities offered by the professions represented in the EAGE community.

Student Lecture Tours

The EAGE can obviously not replace formal academic training. But through industry-supported initiatives, the EAGE has been able to provide an increasing number of Student Lecture Tours presented by distinguished academics and practitioners which can give students worldwide a perspective on the latest geoscientific applications in industries such as E&P oil and gas. These events are often promoted through the network of Student Chapters which the EAGE has helped to establish around the world.

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Student Conference Programmes

EAGE’s other key focus is to facilitate the valuable early experience of the professional geoscience environment by enabling students to attend and actively participate in major geoscience events. In most cases dedicated Student Activities allow tomorrow’s future professionals to present work to their peers: just as important, they can meet and network with numerous industry professionals from organizations that may one day employ them. The EAGE Annual Meeting epitomizes the emphasis on the next generation: there is a special Community Hub at the event, a three-day programme including oral and ePoster presentations, competitions such as the GeoQuiz, a Career Advice Centre and an entertaining Conference Evening.

More information is available on the EAGE Students website.