Call for Abstracts

Please find here below the FAQ's regarding Call for Abstracts.

How can I submit a paper?

You can submit an extended abstract if the Call for Abstracts is open.
To submit an (extended) abstract, you need to be logged in. Please log in (using your known email address or create a new account if you have never logged on to the EAGE website before). Once logged in, please select the appropriate event in the calendar of events to access the online submission module of a relevant event.

I cannot see my submission after login. Why not?

A submission is available/visible in the account of the owner of the submission, not in the accounts of all (co-)authors.
By default, the presenter will be set to the owner.

How can I change a submission?

To change your submission details or to upload a revision of your extended abstract, please go to the relevant event's Submission portal (the same one where you submitted the abstract). You may be asked to log in.

You can edit your submission as long as the Call for Abstracts is open.

I received a request for a revision of my uploaded document. How should I proceed?

If you have received an email from the TP&P team ( with a request to send a revision of your abstract, extended abstract or full paper via email, please send it with a reference to the event and the submission number in the subject of your email.

Is an extension of the submission deadline possible?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the deadline to submit an extended abstract for any event.

The status of my submission is still Being Reviewed. When will that be changed?

As soon as the Technical Programme has been finalized, the submission status will be changed and you will receive a notification via email.

Is it possible to send my submission to EAGE via email?

It is not possible to submit your extended abstract via email to the EAGE. The time that is required to process submissions manually, does not allow us to do manual uploads.
Kindly note that emails with a request to manually upload a submission will not be taken into consideration.

When I subimtted, I indicated presentation type 'Oral Only', but my presentation has been accepted as Poster.

The selection of submissions for the Technical Programme is being done based on review score, as well as 'session consistency'.

During the selection process the submissions have also been checked for large differences in the rating of the same paper by different reviewers, to catch any oddities in the reviewing process.

The selection meeting decides which extended abstracts are more suitable for an oral or poster presentation
In case your extended abstract was submitted with presentation preference 'Oral only' and the decision of the selection meeting was that it is a best fit in a poster session, your submissions will be placed in that session.
Kindly note that it is not possible to swap your presentation with a presentation in an oral session. If your preference still remains 'Oral only' and you do not wish to present your extended abstract in a poster session,  your submission will be set to 'Rejected'.

Alternative is to withdraw your presentation from the programme, though we sincerely hope that you are willing to present your extended abstract.

How can I review a paper?

If you have received an email that submissions are available in your account for reviewing purposes, please follow the instructions in the email. You may be asked to log in.