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Insert an item in the delegate bag

All full delegates will receive a delegate bag. Inserting your brochure and/or item in the delegate bag is therefore another great opportunity to get your message across to a wide audience. Insert your brochure in 4,500 delegate bags!

The company concerned must supply the brochure or item, including logo. if you would like EAGE to arrange the produciton of the brochure or item, EAGE will be happy to provide a quote. Please contact us for more information or in case you want to insert another item at sponsoring@eage.org

Insert your brochure or item in the delegate bag
  Exhibitor Non-exhibitor
Brochure < 2 pages € 3,450 € 5,800
Brochure 2 - 5 pages € 4,100 € 6,350
Pen € 2,100 € 4,000
Mouse Pad € 2,100 € 4,000
Note Pad € 2,100 € 4,000
USB stick € 2,100  € 4,000
Laser Pointer € 2,100  € 4,000
Other  On request On request 

All fees are excluding VAT