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WS09 Monday 30 May 2016
Title: Active Continental Rifts, Integrated Understanding
Room: Schubert 1
Convenors: Malcolm Francis (Schlumberger)
Kurt Decker (University of Vienna)
Douglas Paton (University of Leeds)

Workshop description

*If you are interested in attending the workshop, make sure to register as soon as possible via the following webpage.

Tectonically active extensional basins pose major challenges to hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration. Examples include the Vienna basin in the surrounding of the Vienna Reed Messe venue, the Rhine graben (etc.). Many researchers work in institutions along such settings studying a wide range of specialist disciplines.  The purpose of this workshop will be to bring together what we know both locally and globally. We aim for a multidisciplinary international forum to combine knowledge held in individual fields.  We will look at the application and lessons for Geothermal, oil and gas and hazards associated with the near surface.

• What leads to rifts deep crustal imaging?
• Heat flow geothermal and fluid interactions in rifts
• Igneous activity in rifts
• The structural geology of rifts
• Imaging extensional systems with potential fields and seismic
• Petroleum systems of continental rifts
• Near surface hazards in active extensional settings


Workshop Programme

*A downloadable version can be found here

Session Introduction and Geodynamics
09:00 Introduction - Rift Basins in Active Settings and Passive Margins - Why they Are Important
D. Paton (University of Leeds) , M. Francis (Schlumberger) & K. Decker (University of Vienna)
09:30 Introduction to Barents Seismic Exercise
M. Francis* (Schlumberger)
10:15 WS09 A01 Geodynamics of Active Rifts and Rifted Margins - Insights from Numerical Experiments
S. Brune* (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences)
10:55 Discussion
11:15 Coffee break


Session Case Studies
11:35 WS09 B01 Imaging Extensional Systems with Potential Fields and Seismic in Bornu (Chad) Basin NE Nigeria
A.A. Isyaku* (University of Portsmouth), D. Rust (University of Portsmouth), R. Teeuw (University of Portsmouth) & M. Whitworth (University of Portsmouth)
12:00 WS09 B02 Tectono-sedimentary Evolution of the Eastern KopetDagh Fold and Thrust Belt, North Eastern Iran
R. Noemani Rad* (NIOC- Exploration Directorate), G. Gharabeigli (Royal Holloway University of London) & B. Soleimany (NIOC- Exploration Directorate)
12:25 Discussion
12:50 Lunch


Session Lessons from Active Rift Systems



WS09 C01 Onshore Modern Rift and Transform Zones as a Point of Reference to Re-evaluate Rift Systems for Exploration
M. Khodayar* (Iceland GeoSurvey)


WS09 C02 Using Active Rifts to Enhance Sub-surface Understanding at Basin and Prospect Scale
D. Paton* (University of Leeds)
14:45 Discussion on Using High Resolution LiDAR Data
D. Paton* (University of Leeds)
15:10 Coffee break


Session Applications to Hydrocarbon Systems
15:30 Seismic Review of Barents
M. Francis* (Schlumberger)
15:55 WS09 D01 Analyse of Extensional Fault Systems in the Loppa High, Central Barents Sea
O.S. Shtukert* (Schlumberger) & A.S. Aseev (Schlumberger)
16:20 Discussion
16:45 Wrap up and Closing
17:00 End


*If you are interested in attending the workshop, make sure to register as soon as possible via the following webpage.