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WS11 Monday 30 May 2016
Title: Renewables Including Carbon Capture, Storage and Disposal
Room:  Schubert 4
Convenors: Carolina Coll (BG Group)
Daniel Perez (Independent)
Francesca Verga (Polytecnico di Torino)
Jonathan Ovens (JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation)
Ashley Hastings (University of Aberdeen)

Workshop description

Renewables have become increasingly important driven by technological developments and environmental regulations. The oil and gas industry is shaped by the requirements of energy sources with low carbon imprint. Oil & gas companies are looking at diversifying portfolios with renewables but there are issues on how to value renewals versus the value of projects fossil fuels projects like CCS. The role of coal as one of the world’s primary energy sources versus the relatively lower growth for renewables and carbon capture storage and the need for investment in oil and gas to be able to deliver sufficient energy. In carbon capture projects the CO2 is removed after combustion of the fossil fuel burned for instance power plants where carbon dioxide is captured and disposed of in geological formations. The technology for CCS is well understood and is currently used in a variety of industrial applications.  CCS will play an important role over the coming decades as one of the applications that will enable low carbon fossil fuels energy systems able to compete with renewable energies helping ensuring a continued strong economy and high standard of living provided by a fossil fuel economy.

This workshop will provide an opportunity for oil & gas professionals and wide energy professional and key players to focus on obstacles for implementation of CCS projects and classification of all these energy sources to be used for valuation including renewables and ccs. 

Workshop format
Invited keynote speakers will cover the recent advances on renewables, CCS projects classification and valuation. Additionally, oral and poster presentations of examples of technical developments, case studies, and applications in different fields are welcome. Ample time for discussion will be given to allow for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. 

Who should attend
The workshop is designed to be followed by anyone with some background in project planning in oil and gas projects, CCS and renewables. 

*If you are interested in attending the workshop, make sure to register as soon as possible via the following webpage.

Workshop Programme

*A downloadable version can be found here

Session Recent Advances on Renewables
09:00 Introduction
C. Coll* (BG Group) & F. Verga (Polytecnico di Torino)
09:30 WS11 A01 Renewable Energy - The Culture of Stewardship and Soft Power
B. Lord (Lord Cultural Resources), G. Lord (Lord Cultural Resources) & N. Blankenberg* (Lord Cultural Resources)
09:55 Discussion
D. Perez (Schlumberger) & B. Lord (Lord Cultural Resources)
10:20 Break out session
10:50 Coffee break


Session CO2 Storage and CCS 
11:10 Introduction
P. Ringrose* (Statoil ASA)
11:35 WS11 B01 CO2 Capture and Storage - Developing Industrial-scale CCS Projects in Norway
P. Ringrose* (Statoil ASA)
12:00 Discussion
P. Ringrose (Statoil ASA) & J. Ovens (Maersk)
12:25 Break out session
12:50 Lunch


Session Application examples



WS11 C01 Cost-effective Seismic Reflection Imaging Using Seismic Interferometry for Imaging of Enhanced Geothermal System - A Case Study in the Neuquén Basin
Y. Nishitsuji* (Delft University of Technology), S. Minato (Delft University of Technology),  B. Boullenger (Delft University of Technology), K. Wapenaar (Delft University of Technology), M. Gomez (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica, Argentina) & D. Draganov (Delft University of Technology)


WS11 C02 Geothermal Resources - UNified Classification Scheme - Its Concepts and Application
H.F. Mijnlieff* (TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands)
14:25 Break out session
C. Coll* (BG Group) & F. Verga (Polytecnico di Torino)
14:50 Coffee break


Session General Discussion Current Status and Future Progress
15:10 Current status and future progress
P. Ringrose (Statoil ASA)*
15:35 Discussion
J. Ovens (Maersk), D. Perez (Schlumberger) & C. Coll (BG Group)
16:00 Break out session
16:25 Wrap up and Closing
16:40 End


*If you are interested in attending the workshop, make sure to register as soon as possible via the following webpage.