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Course Description

This course provides a technical overview of the geologic, evaluation, completion and development aspects of shale with a special emphasis on what is unique compared to conventional oil and gas. The course also reviews the status and characteristics of various plays and the factors that control reserves and productivity. Participants will gain practical insights on the techniques and technology applied in evaluating and developing shale.

Topics include

•    Resource analysis
•    Locating sweet spots
•    Production forecasting
•    Key terminology and concepts
•    Design and analysis of horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing
•    Identification and impacts of hydrocarbon composition variability

Why Attend

The class will provide a solid foundation for a broader understanding of shale exploration and development activities. It’s also a great opportunity to network with others involved in shale development.

Participants' Profile

This course is for engineers, geologists, managers, regulators, planners and anyone else involved in evaluating or developing shale gas plays.

Recommended Reading 

Participants are assumed to have a basic understanding of general engineering and geologic terms.

About the instructor 

Steve Hennings is the principal engineering consultant for Source Rock Engineering in Littleton, Colorado. He has over 30 years of field and reservoir experience in a wide variety of basins, working in various roles—ranging from production superintendent, to regional technology coordinator, to engineering and geoscience manager. His focus for the past decade has been providing technical support on many unconventional reservoir projects. Including onsite supervision of work activities in Australia, Canada, China, Turkey, South Africa, and the United States.

In 2008, Hennings was awarded the prestigious annual Stefanko Award from the Society of Mining Engineers for his technical contributions. Hennings is a registered professional engineer and holds a BS in petroleum engineering and an MS in finance.