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Executive Session on Unconventionals outside North America

Thursday 2 June 2016, 08.30 - 11.30 hrs.

Chairmen: B. Glover (MOL)
  R. Culpan (Wintershall)



Over the past decade, significant supplies of oil and gas have been discovered in shale as well as tight reservoirs. During this time, the industry developed technology that has allowed us to drill longer laterals, complete more stages and frac those stages to achieve commercial success in the U.S. shale basins. This has transformed energy markets and our industry.  And although the development of new technologies has driven down the cost of extraction—pursuing unconventional oil and gas continues to be risky and capital-intensive.

There's no denying that advanced technology plays a critical role in improving the way we discover, extract, and develop unconventional resources. However, technology innovation is merely one contributor to the successful and economic development of these assets. And as we know, innovation is not limited to technology alone. Operational innovation is just as important.

Business functions are integrated into a smoothly operating system that helps leverage resources, knowledge, performance measures, quality standards, and best practices across the entire organization.  This means leveraging a network of reservoir expertise and technical support who are actively engaged in enhancing the quality of operations by offering a wealth of information, application-fit solutions and by helping to avoid potential mistakes. 

In the field, process innovation drives performance from exploration to production. By applying an integrated, multidiscipline approach that encompasses upfront reservoir characterization and well-planning, you’re able to manage a field as a total system rather than a set of isolated parts—which can more than pay for itself by mitigating risk, cutting capital and operating expenses, and increasing recovery rates.

These consistent processes and procedures not only ensure that we exceed expectations when solving problems, they are laying the foundation for repeatable performance in unconventional plays around the world. Integrated service providers possess a great deal of the technical expertise and capability required for unconventional resource development.  They will play a significant role in transferring the knowledge that accelerates a multitude of innovative ideas in low permeability, unconventional reservoirs world wide.


M. Rodgers* (Makk Energy Ltd.) - Why Western Canada? 'The Treasure Trove of Great Data'
C. Rizzi (Eni) - Eni's Approach to Unconventionals
J. Soldo (YPF) - The Process of Being Vaca Muerta - A Brief History and Technical Challenges of an Unconventional Development Project outside the US
C. Gong (Sinopec) -  Application of Geophysical Technologies in Shale Gas Exploration and Development
Y. Schavemakers (TNO) - European Research on Shale Gas Exploration and Development
R. Culpan (Wintershall) - The Future of Shale - Vaca Muerta
Panel Discussion