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Workshops speaker instructions

Please note that oral presentations have to be uploaded in the workshop room on the day of your workshop. Please make sure to upload your presentation before the start of the workshop, or before the start of your session, preferrably in one of the coffee breaks.

Kindly make sure to use a ratio of 4:3 in your powerpoint presentation.

Please be very careful that your presentation is scientific and not commercial. In addition the company logo or trademarks are allowed only on the first and on the last page of the presentation. 

Please follow the below mentioned links for:
- The Recommendations for oral presentations;
- The PowerPoint template you may use to prepare your presentation.

Presenter Name Confirmation form

Please confirm the name of the presenter via the Presenter Name Confirmation form. If the provided link is not available to you, kindly fill in the Word document and send it to before 15 March 2016 at latest.

Cancellation information

Withdrawal of abstracts before 15 March 2016: your abstract will be removed from EarthDoc and from the USB's / flash drives (proceedings).

Withdrawal of abstracts after 15 March 2016: your abstract will be removed from EarthDoc, possibly NOT from USB's / flash drives, which may have been taken into production by then. If the latter is the case and the author and/or the author’s company insists in removing the abstract, the production costs of new USB's / flash drives will be invoiced to the author (‘s company).

Cancellations of presentations after 1 April 2016, 23:59 hrs (GMT+2) will be considered as a no-show and you risk being disqualified from presenting at all EAGE events for the next 3 years.

Please note: EAGE cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, direct, indirect or consequential damage as a result of withdrawal, removal or non-removal of the abstract in any way.