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Opening hours TP info desk & Upload area

If you have any questions about the technical programme, please visit the technical programme information desk, located in the First Floor Lounge, where EAGE staff can answer all your questions. The upload area for speakers is located in G111.

Opening hours TP info desk  
Saturday 28 May 14:00-17:00 hrs
Sunday 29 May 07:30-18:00 hrs
Monday 30 May 07:30-18:00 hrs
Tuesday 31 May 07:30-17:30 hrs
Wednesday 1 June 07:30-17:30 hrs
Thursday 2 June 07:30-17:30 hrs
Friday 3 June 07:30-17:30 hrs
Opening hours upload area  
Monday 30 May 08:30-18:00 hrs
Tuesday 31 May 07:30-18:30 hrs
Wednesday 1 June 07:30-18:00 hrs
Thursday 2 June 07:30-15:30 hrs

Please note that Workshop presenters do not have to upload their presentation in the upload area. Workshop presentations can be uploaded in the Workshop room itself.