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Invitation to Vienna 2016

Dear future participants to the EAGE Conference and Exhibition in Vienna 2016,

The oil price drop keeps the oil and gas industry on their toes currently. In this climate of uncertainty questions are being raised whether or not it is wise to expose experts to “expensive” technical development, training and learning, such as this conference. There is only one answer. No matter if the oil price is 20 USD or 200 USD the industry needs trained and educated experts and specialists to find, develop and produce oil and gas! The conference’s motto “Efficient use of technology - unlocking potential” very much points into this direction. Technology is used by our industry experts, efficiency can only be achieved by educating these experts to the highest appropriate levels. This way technical experts, not only geologists and geophysicists, are able to unlock the potential of exploration, development and production opportunities.

The 2016 Vienna EAGE convention will be tailored to show the technical community’s abilities, newest developments in the service industry and the oil and gas companies’ approach to new challenges. It will highlight the economic benefits of using efficient technology and using technology efficiently. Today’s ability to unlock potential is tomorrow’s cash flow. Exploration is on the forefront of all these activities. Careful selection of areas of interest, combined with knowledge, creativity and access to latest technology are the secrets to successful exploration undertakings.
I am very much looking forward to welcome you all in Vienna next year! May/June is the best time to visit Vienna, enjoy the conference and attend one of the exciting field trips offered during the conference. Vienna’s surroundings offer spectacular insights to the architecture of the Alpine fold belt and the prolific Vienna Basin.
See you all in Vienna next year!

Gary Ingram

Chairman, Local Advisory Committee
VP Exploration OMV