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About Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain with a population of 1,615,908. The city is a cosmopolitan Mediterranean city that incorporates in its urban street pattern Roman remains, medieval districts and the most beautiful examples of Modernism and 20th century avantgarde art. Barcelona is an important cultural centre and a major tourist destination and has a rich cultural heritage. Particularly renowned are the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner, which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Barcelona has become Europe’s most popular short break destination. Visitors taking a stroll through the streets of Barcelona will be surprised at every step. Pedestrian streets in the old districts, green spaces and a splendid waterfront filled with modern structures all reflect the city’s aim of integration. Barcelona has managed to exalt its past without forgetting its commitment to the future. Discover a great city and join us in Barcelona!



General Information


As a result of the terrain in Spain there are great climatic differences between different areas and within these areas. There are furthermore significant variations between seasons and diurnal and nocturnal temperatures.

For the most part Spain has a continental climate, however the east coast of Spain has more of a Mediterranean weather. Barcelona enjoys the latter climate with hot and sunny summers and soft winters with barely any rainfall. The average temperature in the summer in Barcelona is about 25 C°, but can climb up to 40 C°.


International dialing code: + 34 
Area code for Barcelona: 9 
Emergency: 112
Police stations in Barcelona:


Electrical Current is standard 220 V. Plugs in Barcelona are 2 pin plugs.


No vaccinations are required to enter Spain.


There are two official languages in Catalonia: Catalan and Spanish, and there are increasingly more people in the region who speak and understand English.

Money and Banking facilities

The official currency in Spain is the Euro. Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 14.00 hrs. In case you require cash money, you can withdraw money from the ATM's with Eurocard, Mastercard or Visa. A commission is charged for every transaction.

Passport & Visa

EU citizens do not require a visa to enter Spain; however you do need a passport or ID card which should at least be valid until the end of your stay. Non-EU citizens are advised to inform at their local Spanish Embassy on entry visa requirements. This website may be helpful in locating a Spanish Embassy in your area.

Time difference

Barcelona is situated in the CET (Central European Time zone) time zone.


Tipping is not obligatory, however it is appreciated (suggested amount would be 7% to 10% of the bill).

Please bear in mind: in Spain it is common to eat later than in most other European countries. Lunch time is usually from 13.30h until 16.00h and dinner time is usually from 21.00h until 23.00h.