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Field Trip 1: Cardona and Súria Salt Diapirs - Resources & Hazards


Thursday 8 September 2016

Field trip leaders:

  • Lluís Rivero (Facultat de Geologia - Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Alex Sendrós (ICL Group - Iberpotash S.A)




This field trip will focus on the Geology and Geophysics of central region of Catalonia. This region is geologically characterized by a significant evaportic basin formed due to the Iberian and Euroasian plate convergence from the Upper Cretaceous to Lower Miocene. It’s documented that saline deposits were already exploited since Roman times, but industrial exploitation began around of 20´s of XX Century and currently the industry is mainly interested in potassium chloride (sylvite). Cardona mine was closed commercially some years ago but now is used for earth sciences studies and tourism as part of an UNESCO Geopark. In addition, the long mining activity has generated a number of potential hazards (subsidence and collapse) that have been recently studied using shallow geophysical methods.


  • Morning: Trip from Barcelona to Cardona. Explanation of the local geology, visit to diapir, salt mine and the tunnel constructed to divert the river flow from the salt outcrop.
  • Afternoon: visit to the Súria area. Explanation of local geology and mining activity. Visit to a potential hazard zone of subsidence and collapse. Return to Barcelona.




Preliminary Programme
08:45 Registration

Departure from Barcelona

  •         Arrival to Cardona
  •         Visit to Cardona Diapir
  •         Visit to Cardona Mine
13:30  Lunch in Cardona

Súria Anticlain: Hazards in the Súria area

18:00 Arrival to Barcelona