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Geophysical Methods for Geothermal Exploration

Sunday 4 September 2016, 09:00 - 17:00


  • Yves Géraud (Université de Lorraine- Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie)
  • Adele Manzella (Geophysicist- Geothermal coordination - Instituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse (CNR-IGG))



Industrial development of geothermal fields needs to revisit the geophysical tools applications for prospection, so that the general understanding of geothermal systems is improved and the most critical exploration parameters (temperature prediction, permeability and stress distribution) can be defined with a better accuracy. Geophysical data integration, e.g. joint inversion and constrained modelling, is a main frontier for improving exploration methods and resolution of imaged subsurface. Onether way to improve prospection processes is to develop geophysical characterization of subsurface analogues. Demonstration of the added value of an integrated and multidisciplinary geophysical approach for site characterization and wells siting is an important frontier of geothermal exploration methods.

During this workshop we solicit contribution on case studies with interpretations of electromagnetic, in particular magnetotelluric, data, integrated modelling of several geophysical data, and analogue characterization using subsurface geophysical tools useable for interpretation of deep geophysical prospecting as well for providing proxys for geothermal interpretation.