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Speaker information

The programme has been published online and the authors have been informed of their acception or rejection for the Student Programme of Vienna 2016.
Presenters are requested to read these Speaker Guidelines for ePoster presentations: Student ePoster Speaker Guidelines
All presenters have been informed on 10 May 2016 about their final presentation details, including some items that are expected of the Student ePoster presenters. If you are a presenter and have not received this information, please contact as soon as possible with your presentation information and the request to resend this email.

ePoster presenters have been instructed about the uploading of their ePoster by the ePoster supplier MultiePoster. If you have not received these instructions, then please contact them through

Presenter name confirmation

You are herewith requested to complete the Presenter Name Confirmation form before 15 March 2016. If you are unable to give your presentation, then please inform us as soon as possible but ultimately 15 March 2016 via the Presenter Name Confirmation form. Please note that, if you fail to inform us concerning a withdrawal before 15 April 2016, you risk being disqualified for future EAGE events as is described below.

If you will not be the presenter of the presentation(s), please kindly provide us with the contact details of the replacing presenter in the Presenter Name Confirmation Form through the above link.

If the provided link is not available to you, please kindly fill in the following Word document as can be downloaded below and send it to before 15 March 2016:

Presenter Name Confirmation - Vienna 2016 Student Programme [124 Kb]

Cancellation information

In case authors want to withdraw their abstracts please adhere to the following deadlines:

Withdrawal of abstracts before 15 March 2016: your abstract will be removed from EarthDoc and from the USBs/ flashdrives (proceedings).

Withdrawal of abstracts after 15 March 2016: your abstract will be removed from EarthDoc only, NOT from USB sticks/ flash drives, which have been taken into production by then. If the latter is the case and the author and/or the author’s company insists in removing the abstract, the production costs of new USB sticks/ flashdrives will be invoiced to the author (‘s company).

Cancellations of presentations after 1 April 2016, 23:59 hrs (GMT+2) will be considered as a no-show and you risk being disqualified from presenting at all EAGE events for the next 3 years.

Please note: EAGE cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, direct, indirect or consequential damage as a result of withdrawal, removal or non-removal of the abstract in any way.


Session chairs information

The chairpersons have now been invited for their sessions.

All chairpersons for the Student Programme are requested to read and follow below available guidelines for session chairs.

Student Programme Vienna 2016 - Guidelines for session chairs