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Perform and Peak! – The student programme at the EAGE conference in Vienna 2016

The theme of the Vienna 2016 student programme is “Perform and Peak” and this expresses clearly what is needed in challenging times even more than in the past period of high oil prices.  Future professionals like you will have to keep current with new technology trends, develop a strong foundation in your discipline but at the same time approach science from a problem solving perspective. You should also be able to work in integrated teams with colleagues from other disciplines and last but not least never forget your role in society. 

I cannot think of a better example for this latter point than in the person of the eminent geologist Eduard Suess who wrote his famous book Antlitz der Erde (the Face of the Earth) right here in Vienna. With his holistic approach to geology Eduard Suess can be rightfully called one of the founders of modern geology but here in Vienna he is at least as much known for his services to society. So if you drink the excellent tap water in Vienna be aware that the aqueduct which still supplies water from the Alps is a result of the initiative of a former colleague more than 100 years ago.

Vienna is known as a city of culture but did you know that the largest oil field in Central Europe is located some 30 kms from Vienna? At the student field trip you will have an opportunity to get close to this field, to visit a rig (if possible) and also to examine the reservoirs in OMV’s core lab. At the conference and exhibition you will have the opportunity to meet and network with attendees from different companies and other universities. The student programme on its own with its variety of technical presentations and workshops would be sufficient reason to come to Vienna but together with the various conference activities and social events it will make your visit a unique experience.

We look forward to meeting you in Vienna 2016!

Gerhard Milan

Chair of the Student Task Force