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  Sunday 29 May  
WS01 How Can Broadband Seismic Data Improve Reservoir Characterization? P. Thore (Total E&P)
B. Loidl (OMV)
D. Laurencin (CGG)
E. Tyler (OMV)
A. Cherrett (Maersk Oil)
C. Hanitzsch (Wintershall)

Today's Play..... Tomorrow's Portfolio


*This workshop has been postponed to the 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Paris, 2017

J. Brown (Rose & Associates)
K. Hood (ExxonMobil)
T. Levy (Schlumberger)
I. Longley (GIS-pax Pty Ltd)
D. Quirk (Maersk Oil)


Waves - Linking Theory to Laboratory to the Field


*This workshop has been cancelled

A. Curtis (University of Edinburgh)
D.-J. van Manen (ETH Zürich)
J. Robertsson (ETH Zürich)
P. Roux (CNRS, University of Grenoble)

WS04 Developments and Applications in Near-surface Seismology

C. Strobbia (Total)
C. Krawczyk (Real Time Seismic)

WS05 Reservoir Monitoring with Distributed Fibre-optic Sensing (DxS)

T. Whittle (BG)
H. Jutila (BHI)
M. Karrenbach (Optasense)
A. Mateeva (Shell)
F. Poletto (OGS Trieste)
J. Soldo (YPF)
S. Soulas (BP)


Ambient Noise Seismic Interferometry


*This workshop has been cancelled

N. Shapiro (Institute Physique du Globe de Paris)
P. Edme (Schlumberger Gould Research)
S. Singh (Institute Physique du Globe de Paris)
D. Halliday (Schlumberger Gould Research)

  Monday 30 May  
WS07 Salt Tectonics - From Subsurface and Outcrop Observations to Modelling

M. Schöpfer (University of Vienna)
G. Tari (OMV)

WS08 Open Source Software in Applied Geosciences

F. Broggini (ETH Zürich)
S. Fomel (University of Texas)
T. Günther (LIAG)
R. Hewett (Total)

WS09 Active Continental Rifts, Integrated Understanding

M. Francis (Schlumberger)
K.Decker (University of Vienna)
D. Paton (University of Leeds)

WS10 Quantitative Data Integration and Joint Inversion from Surface to Reservoir (Joint NSGD & OGGD Workshop)

A. Abubakar (Schlumberger)
M. Jordan (SINTEF)
J. Doetsch (ETH Zürich)
R. Ghose (Delft University of Technology)

WS11 Renewables Including Carbon Capture, Storage and Disposal

C. Coll (BG Group)
A.F. Hastings (University of Aberdeen)
J.V. Ovens (JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation)

D. Perez (Independent)
F.M. Verga (Polytechnico di Torino)


Borehole Acoustics at the Right Depth - Value of Information and Issues


*This workshop has been postponed to the 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Paris, 2017


H.-P. Valero (Schlumberger)
D. Schmitt (Saudi Aramco)
H. Bolt (ICT Europe)

  Friday 03 June  
WS13 Methods and Challenges of Seismic Wave Modelling for Seismic Imaging R. Brossier (University of Grenoble)
L. Métivier (University of Grenoble)
M. Huiskes (Shell)
WS14 Geophysics and Geomechanics, Jointly Applied to Subsurface Characterization

A. Cherrett (Maersk Oil)
O. Jørgensen (Maersk Oil)
P. Hatchell (Shell)
P. Thore (Total E&P)


Microseismic-to-seismic Monitoring and Modelling - From Near Wellbore Investigation to Reservoir Management

*This workshop has been cancelled

M. Brignoli (Eni)
B. Stewart (Halliburton)
D. Perez (Schlumberger)

WS16 Potential Fields and their Gradient Tensors in the Integrated Inversion of Geophysical Data - New Advances and Perspectives M. Fedi (University of Naples Federico II)
E.K. Biegert (Shell International Exploration and Production, Inc)

Karst and Caves - Challenges for Scientific Understanding of Resources, Paleoclimate and Geohazards


*This workshop has been cancelled

L. Plan (Natural History Museum Vienna)
F.H. Nader (IFP Energies Nouvelles)
B. Grasemann (University of Vienna)
I. Baron (Natural History Museum Vienna)

WS18 Sources, Receivers and Robots - Smart and High-density Data Acquisition and Automation

X. Campman (Shell)
C. Tsingas (Saudi Aramco)
P. Vermeer
G. Blacquière (TU Delft)