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Qeye Labs2304
Lersø Parkallé 107 
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø 
Contact person:Mr A. G. Bruun
Qeye Labs is an agile geophysical company and leading provider of quantitative interpretation studies. Our tailored and flexible services are: driven by our clients' specific needs; based on our extensive quantitative interpretation experience; and enabled by our robust and efficient algorithms and workflows. We derive calibrated volumes of reservoir properties such as porosity, water saturation and lithology, together with their associated uncertainties, from inputs including seismic data and well logs . Our solutions specifically address rock physics, uncertainty, time lapse seismic monitoring and characterization of unconventional reservoirs. We deliver quantitative analysis beyond the elastic domain, expressed as reservoir properties that directly impact the decision making process.
0204 - Geophysical services (and interpretation)
0202 - Data processing
0508 - Geophysical modelling
0503 - Seismic well data processing
0104 - Marine seismic data processing
0102 - Land seismic data processing