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GeoProxima Pty. Ltd.2150
11 Victoria Pde. 
2095 Manly 
NSW Australia 
Contact person:Mr Ihring
Geoproxima PTY.LTD. is an Australian Geophysical marketing company providing unique processing, interpretation and modeling services for our partners in the field of Geophysics. Geoproxima is currently delivering services and products to partners in the field of Geophysical interpretation and modelling, Detection of potential hydrocarbon traps, Detection of hydrocarbons escape locations, Reservoir characterization, Detection of geo-hazard locations Integrated interpretation of various data for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production. Processing, modelling and interpretation include various data acquisition techniques such as 3D Seismic volumes, Gravity, Magnetic, Radiometric or other Potential fields surveys,
0202 - Data processing
0204 - Geophysical services (and interpretation)
0501 - Seismic data processing
0502 - Non-seismic methods data processing
0503 - Seismic well data processing
0504 - Well log analysis
0108 - Well data processing
0508 - Geophysical modelling