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Acceleware Ltd.1572
435 - 10th Ave SE 
T2G 0W3 Calgary 
AB Canada 
Contact person:Mr Eric Trouillot
Acceleware is a seismic imaging software company that delivers high performance off-the-shelf and custom applications. Acceleware offers production ready full waveform inversion software, an advanced finite-difference seismic forward modelling application for survey design, data quality control, synthetic seismic modelling, and the industry’s leading reverse time migration solution; which are all accessible from the cloud. Our highly qualified software development team can help accelerate your applications with expertise in software optimization, code commercialization, and programmer training. At Acceleware the goal is very focused – better information, faster! Contact us directly or through one of our partners for an integrated solution.
0508 - Geophysical modelling
0501 - Seismic data processing
0207 - Reservoir engineering
0208 - Reservoir simulation
0210 - Computer applications
0804 - Training services