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Intrepid Geophysics2332
Suite 110, 3 Male Street 
3186 Brighton 
VIC Australia 
Contact person:Ms H Gibson
Intrepid Geophysics develops SOFTWARE for 3D geology modelling & integrated potential fields modelling and interpretation. INTREPID: complete potential field geophysics handling - QC, processing, gridding, interpretation of: ground, airborne, marine - gravity, magnetic, radiometric data, plus full tensor gradiometry (FTG, Falcon). GEOMODELLER: geology model-building uniquely combining contacts / structural data with rule-based modelling to compute 3D implicit surfaces. Geophysical forward computation: grav/mag directly from 3D geology. Stochastic inversion & EM inversion add-ons; plus geothermal, microseismic, geostatistics. JETSTREAM: fast, secure web-delivery of spatial vector, raster, grids, databases, reports. GIS interface, high precision. Polygon-select subset data, extract and compress. Gridding, re-projection on-the-fly.
0507 - Geological modelling
0508 - Geophysical modelling
0202 - Data processing
0515 - Data management and storage
0804 - Training services
0203 - Geological services (and interpretation)
0204 - Geophysical services (and interpretation)
0214 - Grav/Mag; EM, GeoElectric