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TERRASYS Geophysics 2120
Baumeisterstrasse 2 
20099 Hamburg 
Contact person:Mr M. Krieger
Based in Hamburg and Houston as independent consultancy, Terrasys Geophysics offers interpretation services to the international exploration industry, focusing on non-seismic technologies. Utilising integrated workflows in close cooperation with the clients, Terrasys combines advanced 3D ground/water/air/borehole gravity, magnetic, and full tensor gradient interpretations with geological and geophysical constraints, aiming to reduce subsurface uncertainty and exploration risk. Worldwide studies involved plays, prospects, and reservoirs with complex targets and tectonics; they showed how advanced multi-disciplinary modelling and inversion techniques help to get reliable geological solutions, such as precise salt geometries and constrained velocity models, for optimised prestack depth migrations.
0105 - Non-seismic methods data acquisition
0106 - Non-seismic methods data processing
0202 - Data processing
0203 - Geological services (and interpretation)
0204 - Geophysical services (and interpretation)
0212 - Mapping
0214 - Grav/Mag; EM, GeoElectric
0507 - Geological modelling
0508 - Geophysical modelling
0509 - Interactive interpretation