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222 Snidercroft Road 
L4K 2K1 Concord, ON  
ON Canada 
Contact person:Mr B. Male
Micro-g LaCoste and Scintrex’s Borehole Gravity Surveys will provide you with valuable information, whether for reservoir management or bulk density determinations, and maximize your profit. Our Marine Gravimeter, MGS-6, is lightweight and features a full force feedback sensor design that provides better data in rougher seas. Will a Gravity Survey provide the information you require? Let us tell you, as we are now offering pre-survey feasibility studies to provide a realistic forecast of the interpreted survey response to assist you in decisions to reach your project goals. Stop by our booth to learn more about our services and products.
0311 - Logging equipment
0321 - Magnetometers
0322 - Resistivity and IP Instruments
0323 - Gravimeters
0324 - EM and VLF Instruments
0201 - Data acquisition
0204 - Geophysical services (and interpretation)
0214 - Grav/Mag; EM, GeoElectric
0107 - Well data acquisition
0508 - Geophysical modelling