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AustinBridgeporth 1471
26 Linford Forum 
Rockingham Drive 
Milton Keynes 
MK14 6LY  
Contact person:Mr D. Richardson
AustinBridgeporth, one of the world's leading Potential Field service providers, comprises two global providers of geoscience services, Austin Exploration and Bridgeporth. Austin Exploration have been delivering land and marine potential field acquisition services since 1976 and Bridgeporth formed in 2011 with a group of highly experienced geoscientists to provide airborne and land acquisition, processing and interpretation services AustinBridgeporth provides Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation Services to the petroleum and mining sectors in the airborne, land and marine environments. The team at AustinBridgeporth are experienced and dependable geoscientists who lead with vision and offer a superior service in technology and innovation.
0105 - Non-seismic methods data acquisition
0106 - Non-seismic methods data processing
0113 - Geochemical surveys
0115 - Airborne surveys
0204 - Geophysical services (and interpretation)
0209 - Project management
0214 - Grav/Mag; EM, GeoElectric
0217 - Airborne
0508 - Geophysical modelling
0804 - Training services