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Xi'an Senshe Electronic Technology Corporation1310
No.58, 2 Industry Road, National Civil 
Aerospace Industry Base, Xi'an, China. 
710100 Xi'an 
Contact person:Mr Bruce Cao
With the certificate of IAGC and QHSE, Senshe is engaged in the line of geophysical exploration and 2D/3D seismic data acquisition, interpretation and processing.At present, Senshe can yearly undertake 2D seismic data field acquisition with 5000km and 3D seismic data field acquisition with 1500km2. Senshe is also one of the largest original manufacturers in research, production, sales of whole series high-precision seismic geophones, geophone accessories and spare parts. The whole process of the production and management is seriously controlled by the request of API and ISO9001-2008.
0101 - Land seismic data acquisition
0102 - Land seismic data processing
0111 - Positioning and surveying
0112 - Site survey investigations
0304 - Land cables and associated equipment
0306 - Geophones
0307 - Hydrophones
0319 - Second hand equipment
0320 - Connectors and cables