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WS01 Sunday 29 May 2016
Title: How Can Broadband Seismic Data Improve Reservoir Characterization?
Room: Stolz 1

Pierre Thore (Total E&P)
Benjamin Loidl (OMV)
Delphine Laurencin (CGG)
Emma Tyler (OMV)
Adam Cherrett (Maersk Oil)
Christian Hanitzsch (Wintershall)

Workshop description

In this workshop the focus will be on the application of reservoir characterization from broadband seismic data:
•    Benefit  of broadband seismic for reservoir characterization
•    Extraction of the seismic wavelet / seismic-to-well matching
•    Using metrics from reservoir characterization to ensure quality in seismic processing

Seismic reservoir characterization relies very much on seismic inversion; two of the main effective parameters of seismic inversion are Low Frequency Model and wavelet which are definitely affected by the type of data that is provided by broadband seismic. In this context, broadband seismic refers to both, broadband acquisition and seismic data acquired using conventional acquisition processed using broadband techniques. 

The workshop will discuss on the one side technical aspects: 
1.    How to incorporate the low frequencies of the broadband data into the seismic wavelet? Should we use longer wavelets and or longer seismic windows during wavelet estimation? 
2.    How to ensure data quality is preserved through the processing sequence? Can metrics from wavelet estimation and inversion, for example, be used to ensure that amplitude, frequency bandwidth and phase are correctly handled.
3.    How the construction of Low Frequency Model is impacted by the increase of low frequency content of the broadband seismic data? 
4.    How the reliable is the low frequency part extracted from the seismic versus the prior information from low frequency model?
5.    How the broadband can impact the downstream workflow of inversion i.e. the transformation of elastic parameters to petrophysical parameters?

The second part of the workshop will concentrate on the experience of the different participants on the impact of broadband data to reservoir characterization through case studies.

*If you are interested in attending the workshop, make sure to register as soon as possible via the following webpage.

Workshop programme

*A downloadable version can be found here

Session Introduction and Keynote
09:00 Welcome and introduction
09:15 WS01 KN 01 Keynote Talk - Acquired Broadband Pre-stack Seismic - A Valuable Technology for Reliable Reservoir De-risking?
C. Reiser* (PGS Reservoir Limited) & T. Bird (PGS Reservoir Limited)


Session Low Frequency
09:45 WS01 A01 Implementing the Low Frequency Information of Broad Band Seismic Data - Practical Considerations
F. Steinhoff* (DONG Energy A/S), T. Gruss (DONG Energy A/S) & H. Pelletier (DONG Energy A/S)
10:05 WS01 A02 Modelling the Low Frequency Sensitivity of Broadband Data and Facies and Impedance Inversion for Lithology Prediction
A. Pelham* (Tullow Oil Ltd)
10:25 Discussion
10:55 Coffee break


Session Wavelet Estimation
11:15 WS01 B01 Validating Broadband Wavelet Estimation and the Value of Broadband Seismic Inversion by Blind Wells
M.D. Schakel* (CGG) & P.R. Mesdag (CGG)
11:35 WS01 B02 The Impact of Broadband Wavelets on Thin Bed Reservoir Characterisation
E. Zabihi Naeini* (Ikon Science), M. Sams (Ikon Science) & K. Waters (Ikon Science)
11:55 WS01 B03 An Inversion-based Method to Estimate Wavelets for Broadband Data
A.J. Cherrett* (Maersk Oil), A.K. Lundsgaard (Maersk Oil) & H. Klemm (Maersk Oil)
12:15 Discussion
12:45 Lunch


Session Workflow
13:30 WS01 C01 Different Methods of QC the Low Frequency Content of Broadband Data for Reservoir Characterisation
I. Tishchenko* (OMV)
13:50 WS01 C02 How to Address Broadband-acquired Data in Seismic Inversion Workflows for Reservoir Characterization?
A.S. Barnola* (Total E&P) & C. Bay (Total E&P)
14:10 WS01 C03 Customization of Preconditioning and Inversion Processes for Broadband Data - A Case Study from the Campos Basin, Brasil
E.L. Kneller* (CGG)
14:30 Discussion
15:00 Coffee break


Session Case Studies
15:20 WS01 D01 Quantitative Interpretation - Broadband Data Uplift
L. Michel* (CGG) & R. Sablon (CGG)
15:40 WS01 D02 Impact of the Effective Source and Receiver De-ghosting on a Quantitative Thin Reservoirs Characterization
D.A. Daudina* (OMV (Norge) AS) & J.R. Granli (OMV (Norge) AS)
16:00 WS01 D03 Reservoir Characterization from Broadband Land 3D Seismic Data - Impact on Exploration
L.G. Giroldi* (Saudi Aramco), A. Suleiman (Saudi Aramco) & M. Ahmed (Saudi Aramco)
16:20 Discussion
16:50-17:00 Wrap up and Closing